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Sharkwater Documentary Beatiful and Sad

A week or so ago, Jen and I watched the Sharkwater documentary.  It is about a conservationist who is concerned about the shark fin trade.  Sharks are fished and hunted and killed for their fins.  The fins are like pieces of gold by the gram in Asian countries where Shark Fin Soup is not only a delicacy, but a culturally significant status symbol.  As a result, the shark populations around the world are being ravaged in order to fill the demand for soup, and thus, money.

The documentary was brilliant.  It had plenty of underwater scenes, and all the things you would expect.  It also had a storyline where the filmmaker joins up with a rogue boat that goes after poachers’ boats with battering rams, and water canons.  We have the rogue boat racing a coast guard to international waters so that they could avoid prosecution.  It is more than your average documentary.

I am not a PETA member or anything like that, but this film will leave you wanting to help conserve sharks.  I was on board relatively early in the film, but there was one scene in particular that just enraged me to the point that I wanted to run out and do something right away.  You see the poachers catch sharks, pull them on the boat, and de-fin the sharks by hacking at their still-alive bodies with knives.  After they remove anything resembling cartilage on the shark, they push the still-moving, breathing, soon-to-be carcass back overboard so that a completely immobilized shark can float to the bottom of the ocean to die a paralyzing death.

Watching from an underwater camera, we see one such shark float to the bottom of the ocean to die, but his eyes are still moving.  I am getting goosebumps right now as I type it and it has been a couple weeks since I saw the movie.

Josh Homme BLASTS Abusive Audience Member

Note to self: Do not mess with Queens of the Stone Age lead man, Josh Homme. Apparently someone was throwing things at the band. Homme was sick and perturbed already. He unleashes one of the longest expletive-laced tirades I have ever seen. Oh yeah and then he throws a water bottle at the guy.

So, needless to say, if you have your speakers on, this video is not safe for work. Be warned the language is INTENSE.

We Are All Prudes in This Country

Can you imagine if someone tried to do this on national TV here in the United States?  Australia might or might not have talent, but I like their sense of humor way better than ours.

I Suppose Australia Has Talent – Watch more free videos

Dax Riggs – Yesterday Cover

Dax Riggs used to be my favorite death metal singer on earth when he was the lead singer of Acid Bath. It has been a long damn time since he played in that band. Now he is 1/2 of Deadboy and the Elephantmen which has achieved a lot of cult success. But, he also apparently has played some bar gigs where he has broken out cool covers. My favorite so far is his version of Yesterday. Check it out before Yoko has it yanked of the internets.

Tiger Woods – Linebacker

Tiger Woods ad-libbed this little stunt during a commercial shoot for Buick. I wouldn’t like to be the guy who stole Tiger’s clubs.

The Fire Theft – Heaven Video

It is nice to find that some of your favorite songs end up on the internets. Even the really rare-ish ones that never made it “big.”

How To Get More Pizza

Overhearing thoughts in the living room of a couple of scumbags.

I have this great idea. We need pizza for our party tonight, but I can’t afford to get four of them. I can only afford two. Our friends are really fat, though, and we clearly need four. I have this idea. I am going to order two large pizzas and you are going to go to the store with me. I am going to have the guy put the two pizzas up on the counter and then I am going to ask him to get me additional silverware. When he goes into the back of the store, you run in, steal the two pizzas and I will play the victim. The guy at the store better make me two new pizzas, which I will pay for and then we will get double the pizza.

Got it? Alright. Let’s go.

Thief Steals Dudes Pizza – Watch more free videos

Office Worker Meltdown – 2 Videos

Some are already saying that this is staged, but for some reason, I don’t think so. This video is priceless. I don’t know if anyone else has dreamed of destroying a physical environment like this, but the fear of consequences and embarrassment will keep most of us from ever losing it like this. Still, doesn’t your mind wander off occasionally to wonder what it would be like to go crazy like this?

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane – Watch more free videos

Office Worker Meltdown Second Angle – Watch more free videos

Minus the Bear – I’m Totally Not Down With Rob’s Alien

A great band (Minus the Bear) and my favorite song (I’m Totally Not Down With Rob’s Alien) in a medium quality bootleg video on YouTube. Minus the Bear was tops on my list of bands for a little while. They have fallen off a bit, but still one hell of a band live.

Baby Diaper Moustache

I don’t really need to put a description here. Opie and Anthony present, “Baby Diaper Moustache.” There is potty-mouth language and the real possibility that you will dry heave, and/or throw up.


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