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More on Shaun Rogers

Apparently we had it mostly right concerning Leigh Bodden being part of the deal for Shaun Rogers.  We assumed that because he was traded that Phil Savage thought Bodden had lost a step.  Turns out that that part might be true.  The thinking could be that Bodden, who has been prone to high ankle sprains in the past three years, might never have consistent health again.

The other part that I didn’t think of at first is that they were probably expecting Bodden to hold out with two years left on his deal.  Bodden (and his agent) would certainly consider him to be more valuable than the $2.5 – 3 million that he has coming per year over the next two years.  To the Browns’ credit, tather than paying all that money for a DB who might have already hit his career peak, it appears Savage wants to bet Romeo Crennel can get Shaun Rogers to perform for a full season.

I have been critical of Romeo in every phase of the game, but the guys on the message boards brought me around on the fact that he has the support of the players and is very good at being a player’s coach.

Let’s hope that Romeo can continue to develop Shaun Rogers’ character and work ethic now that he has joined the Cleveland Browns.  If he can get Rogers to play consistently and take his conditioning seriously, there is no telling how much impact he can make on the Cleveland Browns’ defensive line.  Maybe he can make enough impact that whoever takes over for Bodden will be able to carry the load in the defensive backfield.

Cleveland Sports Curse Podcast 2008-01-05

This is the first podcast of 2008.  There were three participants today.  Wood from WKNR2, Antonio Castro and yours truly did about a half hour today on the Browns, Cavaliers and looking ahead to the BCS National Championship on Monday night between Ohio State and LSU down in Louisiana.

This is our last show before we go live next Saturday.  That show will be available for streaming on the web and you can call in and contribute if the feeling strikes you.  I will be sure to post more info on that later this week.

For now, check out this show.

Chudzinski on Ravens’ Radar

Word has it that the Baltimore Ravens are going to interview breakout offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski for their recently vacated head coaching position.  Let me get this straight.  The Browns might have to pay the price of success in having a coordinator poached, while technically as an outsider looking in with a 10-6 record they didn’t get to feel any of that supposed success?  Sounds like just another day in the life of Cleveland Browns fans.

While everyone else has been crowning Romeo Crennel for his newfound genius in coaching, there are a lot of us who see that the only real differences between this season and last are the offensive linemen and new offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.  One of Romeo’s biggest mistakes as a head coach was sticking by the woeful Maurice Carthon who reportedly had his offensive line schemes pass-blocking on EVERY SINGLE DOWN INCLUDING RUNNING PLAYS.  I have beaten all this stuff into the ground before.

The point is that it is my suspicion that Chudzinski had more to do with the Browns much improved record this year than probably anything else that happened in the organization.  This includes any kind of supposed coaching epiphany that Romeo Crennel could have had that took him from being the world’s biggest goat in 2006 to everyone thinking he is the coach of the year the following season.  I think it had to be Chud.  He did a great job of highlighting the talented players on the squad.  Evidence of this can be seen with three players – Kellen Winslow, Braylon Edwards, and Jamal Lewis – who all went over 1000 yards in production this season.

To think that the Browns could lose Chud after a single season to a division rival AFTER missing the playoffs by mere inches is disgusting.  At least when the Pats lost their coordinators they had some success in the bank first.  In the Browns’ case, they might lose their new superstar coordinator without even a trip to the playoffs to show for it.

Needless to say, I and many other Browns fans are hoping that Chud comes back to Cleveland for at least one more year.  I would like to see him earn his first head coaching job with a little bit of success in Cleveland first, and I think he is a guy who is capable of helping the Browns be successful.  If he left now, it would be way too soon.

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