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Cleveland Sports Curse Radio Show 2008-02-23

This week we talked about the Cavs’ blockbuster trade.

Cleveland Sports Curse Radio Show 2008-02-16

This is a week old.  I am behind trying to post this stuff, but whatever.  Enjoy, if you choose.

Cleveland Sports Curse Radio Show 2008-02-09

Here is this week’s show in which we talk about Kellen Winslow’s desire to sign a new contract.  We talk about the Cavs and their inability to trade for anything of significance.  We also discuss Derek Anderson and why he isn’t worth the 8-10 million per year that his agents are seeking.  Let the record show that this might be the first week I didn’t complain about a single coach in Cleveland sports.

Cleveland Sports Curse Radio Show 2008-02-02

I know it is late, but in case you want to listen to week-old sports talk, here it is for your pleasure.

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