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Cuban Tae Kwon Do Guy Kicks Ref in Head Video

The title says it all.  Just amazingly stupid.

Ktick – MyVideo

LeBron and Company Bring Gold Back to USA

I went to bed at 11:30 PM on Saturday night.  I woke up at 2:30 AM Sunday morning to watch the gold medal game between the United States and Spain.  I am quite happy that I made the effort.  I got to see the United States and LeBron James play one of the most entertaining games that I have ever watched.  The US led the game almost wire to wire, but the margin was constantly in jeopardy.  The US would go up by ten or twelve and then all of a sudden the talented Spanish team would tighten up on defense and bomb some threes and it would be back down to six points, and then four.  I think a couple times it even got down to two.

There was additional drama provided by a sketchy international referreeing crew.  The US got into foul trouble early.  After five minutes passed LeBron James and Kobe Bryant both had two fouls each.  Certainly this was not the preferred scenario for Mike krzyzewski and the US Olympic team.  That is where the depth of such a team comes into play.  When your first team gets in foul trouble and your team strategically has left Dwyane Wade on the bench to come in and overwhelm opponents with his tenacious attack of passing lanes, it is a bit of an advantage. But then the referreeing started to even out.  At the end of the game, I think both teams had a right to complain almost evenly about the foul situation and inconsistency.  Considering that Spain had to foul the US intentionally at the end of the game, the fouls were almost even as the US had 26 whistles blown against them, to Spain’s 29.

So, now the gold is back in US custody.  It felt great to see the US team celebrate on the court with an almost tearful Mike Krzyzewski clapping for his guys at center court.  You could tell that the players and coaching staff were full of different emotions.  Instead of just expecting to win, this team seemed not only happy and satisfied, but also relieved.  Relieved that their hard work playing in all the off-seasons of their hectic NBA lives for three years would actually pay off.  That it would not only make them more competitive, but put them over the top for the next four years.

As a Cavs fan, it isn’t like winning a championship, I don’t think.  But, it does show LeBron as a true leader amongst any group of basketball players.  He didn’t have the flashiest box score of anyone on the team.  He didn’t hold the ball all the time.  He didn’t take the biggest pressure shots, instead opting to help set teammates like Kobe and Dwyane Wade up.  What he did was play perfect team basketball.  He was defending the fast break, defending the weak side, driving to the basket to stop streaks, and looking for assists.  LeBron insists on playing basketball the right way at all times, even as it has led to criticism at times in Cleveland.

But now, his style and substance has helped Team USA bring the gold back.  It doesn’t feel like the gold is rightfully ours and has been stolen since 2000, like the original Dream Team would have had us believe.  This is a new era with very talented international teams vying for this gold every four years.  It feels like a great accomplishment, rather than just a rite of passage.  In the scheme of things, this is good for the game of basketball and good for the United States.  It is now the kind of accomplishment that seems worth getting up in the middle of the night to watch.

Is Kobe Coming to Cleveland?

Kobe Bryant has an opt-out clause in his contract after this season.  Kobe Bryant has already seen all of what Los Angeles has to offer.  He has tried to be the cornerstone of the franchise and he hasn’t been able to get over the top since Shaq left.  Now, after playing in the Olympics with LeBron James, Kobe probably thinks he can improve his career and legacy by moving to Cleveland.  In Cleveland, he can share the court with another superstar like he did when Shaq was in Los Angeles.  And this superstar, LeBron, is an unselfish player who can help Kobe cement his legacy as a hall of famer with multiple championships to finish his career.

So, while most people claim that big named players need to be in big cities, the truth is they just need to be in high profile situations winning multiple championships.  Because of LeBron James, there is no better place to go and make that happen other than Cleveland.

So, now, all we have to do is find someone who is “close to Kobe Bryant” and lead them into saying that Kobe “would consider opting out of his contract” after the upcoming season.  Then, we need to goad this same “insider” into saying something innocent like, “Kobe has really enjoyed playing in the Olympics with LeBron.”  And then we can extrapolate (unnecessarily and idiotically) saying that it is possible, and possibly likely, that Kobe Bryant is going to opt out of his contract at the end of this season with the express purpose of coming to Cleveland to play with LeBron James and win championships.

You see?  I am making a point.  This is really the same way that the big media outlets speculate on LeBron going to NYC, or Europe.  So how do you like me now?

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the first Kobe to Clevland rumor.  Could it happen??!?!?!??!??


Separated at Birth – Michael Phelps and Gheorghe Muresan

I heard this mentioned on Jim Rome, so I thought I would throw the pics together.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

What do you think? It might work.

Smells like Cabbage.

Olympics are Ripe With Condoms… Really

I wouldn’t have guessed that this was the case, but apparently they supplied, AND RAN OUT OF, condoms during the previous Olympic games in Sydney.  How many did they supply, you ask?  Try 70,000.

“There are many young, strong, single people in the athletes’ village and, like everywhere, some will fall in love or other things, so we need to make condoms available,” Ole Hansen, spokesman for UNAIDS China, told Reuters. “A lot of these young people are not married or in relationships so we want to make sure they have the information and tools to protect themselves if they have sexual encounters.”

OK, I have a question.

If an American swimmer and a Korean badminton player procreate in the Olympic village and their offspring turns out to be a super-kid athlete, does the kid play both sports down the road, and more importantly, which country does (s)he represent?  Can the kid swim for the U.S. and Badmint* for Korea?

Taking the contraceptive pill usually results in lighter, less painful and more regular menstrual bleeding. This means it is sometimes also prescribed for women who have problems with particularly heavy, painful or irregular periods. Cilest tablets contain two active ingredients, ethinylestradiol and norgestimate which you can get in a very cheap price online from https://www.ukmeds.co.uk/treatments/contraceptive-pill/cilest/. These are synthetic versions of the naturally occurring female sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. Ethinylestradiol is a synthetic version of oestrogen and norgestimate is a synthetic form of progesterone.

(* I think I just created a new verb.)

Welcome to February Sports News

After the Super Bowl and before March Madness or pitchers and catchers report, there is nothing to talk about in sports. I give you exhibit A. This snapshot was taken from ESPN.com’s front page today.

That’s right. A piece about the Olympics that is six months away. Not only that, but it is a canned piece that you know ESPN was sitting on so they could fill their pages with something (ANYTHING) during this down period in sports.I am not biting on this one. I will not read about Chinese athletes and their plight to participate in the most boring part of sports the world has to offer. I will not read about it six full months before this boring exhibition takes place.

This should be viewed as an opportunity. Someone needs to take this time and fill it up. The NHL or NBA need to think about putting together a mid-season mini playoff or something. The UFC needs to put in a two or three week tournament putting all their belts on the line in their varying weight classes. A sport like golf, tennis, or even badminton needs to step up and create some kind of interesting multi-week event to capitalize on all the bored eyes sitting out there that are fiending for some decent sports action to follow.

Let’s have a summit. I want David Stern, Gary Bettman, Bud Selig, Don King, Mark Cuban, Dana White and Vince McMahon to sit down and hash this thing out. I need something to be done about this now.

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