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Rodriguez and Tressell Meet Behind the Bleachers

Rich Rodriguez was recently named head coach at Michigan and they are the other team, reportedly in the top of the running for Terrelle Pryor. Pryor is the highly touted QB out of Jeanette Pennsylvania that has the nation in wait to see where he decides to go to college. As a result, both Michigan and Ohio State coaches were at Pryor’s high school basketball game this weekend in PA. At halftime the coaches of the nation’s fiercest college football rivals met behind the bleachers.

Judging by this picture, I think Tressell just told Rodriguez that the Buckeyes are going to beat their faces in next year. Rodriguez is laughing because he thinks Jim is kidding. He isn’t.

Meanwhile, Pryor has put off announcing where he is going to go to school in order to visit Penn State this weekend. This guy could have the entire Big Eleven Ten losing their mind before this thing is over.

Cleveland Sports Curse Podcast – 2008-01-12

This week we were live on 1540 KNR2. As we were talking about the Browns’ vacated Defensive coordinator job, they promoted Mel Tucker from within the organization. We talked about Derek Anderson and his being named the starter for next season. We talked about the Buckeyes and their problems in the national championship game.

If you want to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, click here.

Cleveland Sports Curse Podcast 2008-01-05

This is the first podcast of 2008.  There were three participants today.  Wood from WKNR2, Antonio Castro and yours truly did about a half hour today on the Browns, Cavaliers and looking ahead to the BCS National Championship on Monday night between Ohio State and LSU down in Louisiana.

This is our last show before we go live next Saturday.  That show will be available for streaming on the web and you can call in and contribute if the feeling strikes you.  I will be sure to post more info on that later this week.

For now, check out this show.

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