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Cavs Land PG Mo Williams

I was cruising WFNY today and the place has caught fire with excited Cavs fans talking about this three-team deal that brings Milwaukee Bucks PG Mo Williams to the Cavaliers. I am a bit more cautiously optimistic than flat out excited by this news.

On the surface, it looks like a great fit, because Williams is known as a point guard who can make his own scoring opportunities. All Cavs fans know that the team needs more offensive options than what LeBron and Zydrunas Ilgauskas provide. So, with that, it should be a promising outlook as of today. Except, I want to be more cautious.

In 2005, the Cavs needed a player to play opposite LeBron James, so instead of trading, they went out and found a player with a Hollinger PER rating of 21.63. This is a statistical combination used to measure a player’s production per minute of floor time. This player had 22 points per game and almost 5 assists per game to go along with just over 6 rebounds per game. And his name was Larry Hughes.

Just to put it all in perspective, Mo Williams’ PER is 17.06 currently.

Now, I am sorry if it seems like I am trying to be a downer. I am not. I hope Mo Williams turns out to be exactly what the Cavs need in terms of getting to the next level. I think combined with Delonte West (should he return,) Wally Szczerbiak (should he not be traded,) and Daniel Gibson, the Cavs have a pretty good rotation of players ready to play in the back court in the upcoming season.

The plusses are that Williams is still a younger player at 25 years old. He just finished the first year of a 6-year $51.5 million deal that is a relative bargain compared to the amount of money that the Cavs paid Larry Hughes. Also, the Cavs unloaded dead weight in Damon Jones, and an aging veteran in Joe Smith, so they didn’t really lose a ton to pick up Williams.

So, anyway, I am excited at the prospect. I think it is a good calculated risk on Danny Ferry’s part. Then again, I thought Larry Hughes was a good calculated risk when the Cavs signed him in 2005. Let’s just hope it works and that the Cavs won’t sit idly by with Wally Szczerbiak’s expiring contract for too long. It is the largest expiring-contract bargaining chip in Danny Ferry’s arsenal, and I hope he uses it wisely.

Update:  The Cavs have emailed their fanbase about the trade.

“Acquiring Mo strengthens our nucleus of players for both the short and long term. He is entering his prime NBA years and will be part of the foundation of our future success,” Ferry said. “Mo is a player that excels as a traditional point guard, but also brings an extra dimension with his scoring and versatility. His ability to push the tempo, get inside the lane, shoot from the perimeter and distribute the ball will be very valuable for us.”

DeShawn Stevenson Wants to Fight LeBron

After a Cavs’ loss to the Washington Wizards DeShawn Stevenson said of LeBron James, “He’s overrated.  And you can say I said that.”  Apparently he and LeBron had been jawing on the court since the opening tip of the game.  The Cavs had a chance to win, but LeBron missed a game-winning three pointer and the Cavs lost by two… in Washington… on the second night of a back to back after playing the previous night in New Jersey… After embarrassing Washington by beating them with a starting five of LeBron James, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Devin Brown, Damon Jones and Eric Snow in Cleveland after the big trade.   I guess I might be salty too if my team couldn’t beat a team made up of also-rans and NBDL’ers the way the Cavs were on the night that they embarrassed the Wizards in Cleveland.

But I guess that would lead one to understand just how LeBron James isn’t overrated in any way shape or form.  And certainly such criticisms ring hollow when they come spewing out of the mouth of a player like DeShawn Stevenson who never lived up to the hype like the target of his criticism.

Just like LeBron, Stevenson skipped out on college to enter the NBA.  Unlike LeBron, Stevenson couldn’t get his career going between his off-the-court problems including charges of statutory rape for an incident allegedly involving a 14-year-old girl when he was 20, and his splintered ass from not being able to find his way off of an NBA bench, he is probably quite jealous of The King.  Maybe it was the sweep that LeBron and company hung on the Wizards in last year’s playoffs?

Either way, despite the victory that the Wizards put up on the Cavs the other night, it is safe to say that DeShawn Stevenson is still LeBron’s bitch.  And by the way, whenever someone says any variation of, “And you can quote me on that” after their quote, they even know they are full of shit.

Cavs Get Ripped (Off) In Milwaukee

Michael Redd nailed a long three-point shot to skip overtime last night in Milwaukee versus the Cavaliers. Normally, I wouldn’t be upset about a Cavaliers loss like that, because Michael Redd is just that good to be able to pull out a huge win on a last second shot. But today, I am upset about the game because Michael Redd’s shot isn’t the story for me. The story comes down to three names; Mike Callahan, Pat Fraher, and Brian Forte. Those were the officials for last night’s game in Milwaukee and they cost the Cavs a game.

The free throw differential for last night’s game was 37-14 in favor of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks did a nice job of converting those opportunities on the night by hitting 32 out of 37. But last night the Cavs had a game come down to three points and the officiating was so one-sided (by TWENTY-THREE free throws) that they just couldn’t pull out the victory. That will put a sour taste in just about anyone’s mouth.

It is a long season, and one game doesn’t make it, but this one stings a bit.

Oh, and as for the refereeing crew of Mike Callahan, Pat Fraher, and Brian Forte, they are making quite a name for themselves.  They are the same crew that ended up ejecting Kobe Bryant the other night with two technicals, and Kobe isn’t exactly known to be the Rasheed Wallace of the Western Conference.  Mark Cuban has made this an issue for a while now, and he is right.  The NBA needs to have some structure in place to deal with refs who are incapable of calling a decent NBA contest.

Cavs vs. Memphis Live Blog

The Cavaliers reinforcements have arrived. I thought I would talk about it at least for a while.

  • 6:15 – Starting Lineup – Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Ben Wallace, LeBron James, Devin Brown, and Delonte West
  • 6:17 – The team is looking awkward so far. Delonte West hasn’t been bringing the ball up consistently yet, and then…
  • 6:18 – Ben Wallace with the steal LeBron on the break, Delonte gets the ball, throws the oop for LeBron on the slam.
  • 6:19 Delonte West might have to become my favorite player with his uniform number choice of 13. I can’t remember the last Cavalier to wear that jersey number.
  • 6:21 – Wally just walked to the scorer’s table to check in.
  • 6:23 – First time out on the floor and the Cavs lead early 18-8 and there isn’t anything to say of note yet other than the defense is playing well. Wallace really does provide an imposing presence in the middle to anybody driving, and Delonte West seems to play defense with a lot of energy.
  • 6:29 – And here come the rest of the traded players. Looks like we are about to get our first look at Wally and Joe Smith off the bench.
  • 6:32 – Uh oh. Here comes Ben Wallace at the free throw line. This will drive my brother crazy, who doesn’t understand why people will not learn to shoot free throws. And Ben Wallace nails two of them.
  • 6:41 – Even with all brand new players, I find Mike Brown’s rotations to be mind-boggling. He has Dwayne Jones on the court along with Wally, Devin Brown, Joe Smith and Damon Jones. That is just weird.
  • 6:45 – Dan Gilbert, owner for the Cavaliers, has just goaded Fred Mcleod, the Cavs TV announcer into a bet where if the Cavs win the championship, McLeod will have to shave a mohawk into his head.
  • 6:51 – SZCerbiak, SZCerbiak… I gotta remember that. I have trouble remembering whether the C or Z goes first. Z before C when it comes to Wally World.
  • 6:52 – Shit. SZCZerbiak. S – Z – C – Z – erbiak… this is worse than Anderson Verajao by a longshot.
  • 6:59 – I know that this game isn’t going to be proof of anything, but it is exciting nonetheless.
  • 7:00 – Dan Gilbert is talking about Orlando’s reaction to the trade and how someone in Orlando said that the Cavs’ trade will help Orlando. Dan Gilbert is openly laughing at that. Dan Gilbert is pretty outspoken, but I haven’t heard him speak this much before.
  • 7:10 – It is half time and the Cavs have a 21 point lead. That doesn’t suck for a debut, anecdotal as it is.

Well, that’s it for me.  I am done with the live blog, but this is a lot of fun.  If nothing else, it changes the ride from last year.  That rocks all by itself.

    Latest Chad Ford Cavs Trade Rumor

    Update again:

    Cleveland gets Ben Wallace, Wally Sczerbiak, Delonte West, Joe Smith

    Seattle gets Ira Newble, Chris Duhon, Donyell Marshall

    Chicago gets Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Cedric Simmons


    UPDATE: According ESPN 850 in Cleveland, the Cavs are on a conference call with the NBA, Chicago, and Seattle.

    The reported deal would send Ben Wallace, Delonte West and Wally Sczerbiak to Cleveland

    The Cavs lose Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Donyell Marshall and other people that don’t matter.


    From the chatroom, Chad Ford is reporting that the Cavs and Bulls might or might not have been talking about this deal.

    Ben Wallace, Chris Duhon and Joe Smith to Cleveland for Drew Gooden, Donyell Marshall, Ira Newble, Shannon Brown, Devin Brown and Cederic Simmons … unless Ilgauskas is in this deal.

    I am not sure why the Cavs would really want Ben Wallace, except that Mike Brown loves defense and maybe Dan Gilbert feels some Pistons connection with Wallace. Chris Duhon would help, I think. Joe Smith could help.

    We will see. There is about an hour to go until the deadline hits.

    LeBron Goes Back to Back Triple Doubles

    Not since Magic Johnson (yeah the guy who owns the movie theaters) did it in the 1987-88 NBA season, has anyone had two sets of back-to-back triple double nights in an NBA season.   LeBron finished with 31 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists last night against the Indiana Pacers in a victory.  On top of that, it was a road game after a home game in back-to-back nights of basketball.  LeBron’s line in Houston the prior night was 26 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists.  Unfortunately for the Cavs, the first of the two games was a sloppy, sloppy loss to Houston at home.

    Regardless, I think it is safe to say who is the clubhouse leader for league MVP at this point.  LeBron leads the league in scoring and has led the biggest group of also-rans the NBA has seen in a long time to relative greatness.  The Cavs are holding on to the fifth playoff spot in the east despite a host of holdouts and injuries.  Add to that some serious trade rumors and it hasn’t been an easy road for the defending Eastern Conference Champions.

    Last night’s victory over the Pacers didn’t come without a price.  Another Cleveland player went down with injury.  This time Daniel Gibson had his legs chopped while Travis Diener was going for a loose ball in the third quarter.  At the time, Gibson was 5-8 from the field (5-5 from three point land) with 15 points in only 19 minutes of work.  The good news is that x-rays were negative, so hopefully Gibson won’t be out too long.

    So, the Cavs are now in a position where the trade deadline has passed.  No more help is coming.  They will have to treat each player returning from injury like an acquisition as they try to find a cohesive, healthy team to finish their run to the playoffs to try and defend their Eastern Conference title.  It won’t be easy.  In fact, it won’t even be probable.  But then again, it wasn’t probable last year when the Cavs went out and beat the Pistons either.

    Daniel Gibson Goes Crazy in Rookie vs Sophomore Game

    Boobie Gibson and LeBron Share a Close Moment

    In a huge moment of pride for Cavaliers fans, Daniel Gibson goes for 7 three pointers in the first half in the rookie vs sophomore game on Friday night. Gibson hit seven out of nine by my count. And with every shot that he hit, LeBron popped out of his seat courtside in street clothes and acted like he had just seen the greatest play in the history of basketball.

    Kind of cool, as Cavs fans with the situation that the Cavs are in not being able to get any roster moves together, that LeBron is still having fun. He could be pulling a prima donna move pouting his way through life until Danny Ferry is able to make some kind of move. Instead, he is enjoying the moments and his time currently. He didn’t have to attend the rookie sophomore game, and most stars have skipped the games in the past.

    As nice as it is to see LeBron support Boobie Gibson in the game, it does mean one important thing. You might as well take Gibson and put him on the list of untradeable players on the Cavs’ roster, because if LeBron likes him this much, that means he isn’t going anywhere. By my count that means you have LeBron, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and now Boobie Gibson. Everyone else is available.

    UPDATE: Gibson continued the onslaught and hit four more in the second half.  In all he was 11 out of 20 for 33 points and won the MVP award for the game.  It is a weird exhibition game, but any hardware that a player can receive is an honor.

    Hughes Loses His Mind (For a Night)

    Was this what the Cavs thought they were getting when they committed about $13 million per season to Larry Hughes? If so, it doesn’t explain Larry Hughes’ inability to perform at least half as well as he did last night with consistency. In beating the Orlando Magic last night in Orlando, Hughes caught fire for 40 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. He shot 12-19 from the field including 4-5 from three point range. He had Cavaliers color commentator (and resident homer*) Austin Carr using a falsetto on the television broadcast to draw his last name out for more than 5 seconds, kind of like “Heeeeyoooooooooooooooze!”

    And Hughes’ performance was needed for the Cavs to beat the Orlando Magic 118 to 111. LeBron made his presence felt again in the fourth quarter by scoring eight straight points for the Cavs when they needed to at least trade baskets with Orlando. But the game isn’t really the story. The way it looked to the people who watch the Cavs night in and night out is the story.

    This game looked totally different than most. Because Larry Hughes brought that level of unconscious scoring, LeBron was able to drive to the hole. Instead of having constant double teams, or in some cases having an entire team’s five defenders cheating toward LeBron’s side of the court, they had to play him with only single and double coverage. This enabled LeBron to use his best attribute, speed, around the corner and explode to the basket. It enabled those eight straight points in the fourth and very well could be the overall reason that the Cavs were able to beat the Magic last night.

    Even more amazing is that this was the second night of a back to back – an away game after a home game no less. Don’t get me wrong here. It isn’t time to start printing tickets to the finals or anything. Hell, it isn’t even time to start those Larry Hughes trade rumors. It was just one night. Knowing the Cavs’ (and Larry Hughes’) luck so far, it probably won’t ever happen again. But still, it is nice to dream Cavs fans, isn’t it? Dream of a two headed, or even one and a half headed monster?

    *Austin Carr may be a complete homer for the Cavs, but he knows it and he doesn’t hide it. It is a well known fact that he started welling up and crying when the Cavs got the number one pick in the draft to get LeBron James.

    Cleveland Sports Curse Radio Show 2008-02-09

    Here is this week’s show in which we talk about Kellen Winslow’s desire to sign a new contract.  We talk about the Cavs and their inability to trade for anything of significance.  We also discuss Derek Anderson and why he isn’t worth the 8-10 million per year that his agents are seeking.  Let the record show that this might be the first week I didn’t complain about a single coach in Cleveland sports.

    Cleveland Sports Curse Radio Show 2008-02-02

    I know it is late, but in case you want to listen to week-old sports talk, here it is for your pleasure.

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