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Brady Quinn Part of Rowdy Group Insulting Gays?

According to an article on, Brady Quinn was a part of a crowd outside of a bar in Columbus during New Years festivities.

On the 9-1-1 call, Harris said that “Brady Quinn from the Browns” was “trying to cause a fight.” Harris told the operator, “I just walked outside and he exchanged many profanities with me and called me a faggot, of course.”

Anyway, so what is the deal with this whole thing? The answer is that nobody except those who were there on the night that it happened have any idea.

The bottom line is this. Brady Quinn used good judgment in stopping any kind of fight when the cops got there. No matter what he did wrong prior to that point will probably never ever be an issue because he was smart enough to not get arrested. Or, maybe he was just famous enough to not get arrested. Either way, this was a potentially ugly situation and since it is mid-February and we are just hearing about it now, means that it probably isn’t that big of a story.

Also, when it comes to slurs, I will say this. You shouldn’t use them as we all know. Still, when you get into a fight that is escalating and you are looking to throw a punch at someone, most situations I have ever seen have had slurs thrown around. Drunk guys who want to fight each other will always say offensive things about each other. These two guys want to bash each other’s brains out, so why wouldn’t they want to go and insult the very foundations of the people they are?

And I won’t get into it in depth here, but isn’t this why the “hate crime” laws are a bit scary? When I think of a hate crime, I think of a lynching or something pre-meditated where there is a 3 on 1 ratio of attackers to victims with clear racial implications. A bunch of drunk people in the parking lot of a couple of bars and restaurants resulting in a one-on-one fight, even with a slur thrown out of some sort, doesn’t sound like a hate crime to me. Being investigated, accused or charged with a sex crime in Las Vegas is nothing less than devastating in terms of the possible lifelong ramifications. Just being accused of a sex crime is enough to spin your entire life into turmoil. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime or you have been abused sexually, you have one option and that is to contact an experienced Sex Crimes Defense Attorney in Las Vegas to assist you in fighting the charges.

Anyway, I don’t have to worry about it because I have talked my way out of every fight I ever could have potentially been in.

When someone says, “Yo, I will kick your ass.” I usually say, “OK. So what? You probably would.”

So, the bottom line is this. We don’t know what Brady Quinn said, any more than we know what this dude who called 9-1-1 actually said. It is hearsay at best. Quinn and his boys didn’t get arrested. That is the end of it and Quinn should probably do his best to avoid situations like this one ever again.

The real surprising quote from the article is this.

La Fogata Grill owner Jeff Rinehart said Quinn’s group, which he said included about a dozen people — half men, half women — did not cause any problems while drinking inside his restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

“The only issue was trying to get everyone’s checks figured out,” he said.

Quinn has NFL money and he isn’t picking up the tab? What could it have possibly been? $500? $1000? $5000?

Even at $5000 I would expect mister first round draft pick to pick up that tab. Dude has NFL money! Come on Brady. Use better judgement and treat your peeps to some drinks.

Cleveland Sports Curse Radio Show 2008-02-09

Here is this week’s show in which we talk about Kellen Winslow’s desire to sign a new contract.  We talk about the Cavs and their inability to trade for anything of significance.  We also discuss Derek Anderson and why he isn’t worth the 8-10 million per year that his agents are seeking.  Let the record show that this might be the first week I didn’t complain about a single coach in Cleveland sports.

Cleveland Sports Curse Radio Show 2008-02-02

I know it is late, but in case you want to listen to week-old sports talk, here it is for your pleasure.

Cleveland Sports Curse Podcast – 2008-01-12

This week we were live on 1540 KNR2. As we were talking about the Browns’ vacated Defensive coordinator job, they promoted Mel Tucker from within the organization. We talked about Derek Anderson and his being named the starter for next season. We talked about the Buckeyes and their problems in the national championship game.

If you want to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, click here.

Cleveland Sports Curse Podcast 2008-01-05

This is the first podcast of 2008.  There were three participants today.  Wood from WKNR2, Antonio Castro and yours truly did about a half hour today on the Browns, Cavaliers and looking ahead to the BCS National Championship on Monday night between Ohio State and LSU down in Louisiana.

This is our last show before we go live next Saturday.  That show will be available for streaming on the web and you can call in and contribute if the feeling strikes you.  I will be sure to post more info on that later this week.

For now, check out this show.

Chudzinski on Ravens’ Radar

Word has it that the Baltimore Ravens are going to interview breakout offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski for their recently vacated head coaching position.  Let me get this straight.  The Browns might have to pay the price of success in having a coordinator poached, while technically as an outsider looking in with a 10-6 record they didn’t get to feel any of that supposed success?  Sounds like just another day in the life of Cleveland Browns fans.

While everyone else has been crowning Romeo Crennel for his newfound genius in coaching, there are a lot of us who see that the only real differences between this season and last are the offensive linemen and new offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.  One of Romeo’s biggest mistakes as a head coach was sticking by the woeful Maurice Carthon who reportedly had his offensive line schemes pass-blocking on EVERY SINGLE DOWN INCLUDING RUNNING PLAYS.  I have beaten all this stuff into the ground before.

The point is that it is my suspicion that Chudzinski had more to do with the Browns much improved record this year than probably anything else that happened in the organization.  This includes any kind of supposed coaching epiphany that Romeo Crennel could have had that took him from being the world’s biggest goat in 2006 to everyone thinking he is the coach of the year the following season.  I think it had to be Chud.  He did a great job of highlighting the talented players on the squad.  Evidence of this can be seen with three players – Kellen Winslow, Braylon Edwards, and Jamal Lewis – who all went over 1000 yards in production this season.

To think that the Browns could lose Chud after a single season to a division rival AFTER missing the playoffs by mere inches is disgusting.  At least when the Pats lost their coordinators they had some success in the bank first.  In the Browns’ case, they might lose their new superstar coordinator without even a trip to the playoffs to show for it.

Needless to say, I and many other Browns fans are hoping that Chud comes back to Cleveland for at least one more year.  I would like to see him earn his first head coaching job with a little bit of success in Cleveland first, and I think he is a guy who is capable of helping the Browns be successful.  If he left now, it would be way too soon.

Trust Phil Savage When It Comes to Derek Anderson

As we move into the off-season here in Cleveland Browns land, there is going to be a whole lot of debate about what the Browns should do regarding their breakout QB Derek Anderson. Should the Browns trade him? Should the Browns give him a qualifying offer and let him leave in exchange for future first and third round picks? Should the Browns put the franchise tag on him? Should the Browns sign him to a rich long-term deal?

There is no way to know for sure as a fan, what the Browns should do. That’s why I think this one should come down to whether you trust Phil Savage or not.

If you do, you should just leave it up to him. Nobody in the world other than Derek Anderson’s father knows DA better than Phil Savage. Savage did all the home work on him from the start when he made his way to Baltimore. Savage was the one who claimed him off of waivers when the Ravens tried to sneak him onto their practice squad to free up a roster spot. Savage was the one who pulled the trigger on trading Charlie Frye after one game, paving the way for DA to get his shot this year.

So trust in Savage to know what the proper gamble is on his future success. DA had a nice first season and the Browns will definitely make a qualifying offer so that they will be compensated if another team comes in and offers him a contract. Now, depending on how rich that contract is, I expect Savage to make the decision whether to keep DA, or let him leave and give Brady Quinn a shot.

At this point, as a fan, I guess I would prefer to see both DA and Brady Quinn on the roster when they start training camp next summer, but if the cost becomes to prohibitive, I expect that the Browns will benefit no matter what. Either they get DA to play QB at a high level in Cleveland, or they get some other team’s first and third round picks, or if they trade him they are selling the Derek Anderson stock at a pretty high point.

There really isn’t anything wrong with any of the three scenarios. These are all good problems to have and I expect Phil Savage to make the right choices in solving them.

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