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Podcast Equipment Buyer’s Guide

I get asked about recording podcasts all the time. I created this page as a go-to for the real equipment that I actually use to record the Waiting For Next Year Podcast.

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USB Mixer

A USB Mixer will allow you to mix multiple microphones in the same room and record them on your computer via USB. Everyone knows recording in person is the very best way to podcast, so you really want this piece of gear in your arsenal.

Reference headphones

Keep those bass heavy hip-hop headphones on the side when recording podcasts. If you want to get the proper mix, you should use something that accurately represents what’s being recorded on your computer. There are a million options, but I recommend these as pretty generic, accurate headphones.

Microphones, expensive and cheap options

I really love this mic, but it’s a luxury.

You can probably go cheaper than this, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This is the most standard of standard microphones for vocalists and talkers and venues everywhere.

USB Headsets for Skype-only recording

If you’re not ever going to do a live recording, you can skip the USB mixer and the mics. If you’re going to just skype with people and record them from remote, I recommend a good USB headset.


Audio Capture

There are two pieces of software that I use the most. There are many options, but these are the ones I like. Whether I’m capturing a room full of people or recording a Skype conversation, I use Audio Hijack Pro. That piece of software is really powerful, but I use it in a pretty basic mode.

Post-production / Editing

After I capture the raw audio with Audio Hijack, now I need to edit it together with my intro, outro and whatever kind of imaging I want to use. In order to do that I use Audacity. Again, like Hijack, there are a million options, but Audacity is easy, free and really pretty reliable.

Misc Gear

You probably want some mic cables and you might not think of it.

Anything else? Read a book! I didn’t have to, but it might help you. I haven’t read this book, but it gets really good ratings on Amazon!

That’s it! That’s the stuff I use. Maybe if this page proves popular I will do more posts on how to edit your audio and do other things. You can always find me on Twitter to ask me more questions. Just follow me @WFNYCraig

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