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Dan Gilbert + Cleveland Indians = TwitterSplosion

  1. cavsdan
    Cleveland, help me understand why U are going nuts on twitter about the Indians the past 2 days. I am very humbled but Tribe not for sale
  2. Dan is more than likely playing dumb here. A guy like Gilbert has been very well plugged in to Cleveland. A guy who recruits Bernie Kosar, Joe Haden and Josh Cribbs to attend the draft lottery isn’t oblivious to the rest of the sports teams in town.

    Some people went for honest and obvious responses…
  3. MurphyFerguson
    @cavsdan Refuse to put a winning team together. Trade stars for prospects to avoid signing them long term. Not committed to winning. At all.
  4. FanOfGame1st
    @cavsdan you said u didnt spend millions ot buy a team to then pinch pennies #Business101 spend money to make money … dolans dont get that
  5. buckeye1308
    @cavsdan at least you know what it takes to get a winner!!!! May have to build but in the end you have the balls to make moves!
  6. Then there were those who tried to make jokes about it…
  7. TheMidnightRydr
    @cavsdan they should be. Just make them an offer they cannot refuse. If they refuse put a horse head in their bed.
  8. MattKeough
    We must consider the outside possibility that @cavsdan is just trying to manipulate his @klout score
  9. Actually I’m not sure if that mayor line was a joke or not…

    Then there were those that were desperate in their appeals to get Gilbert to make an offer.
  10. S_Hannig017
    @cavsdan Look what happened when Magic Johnson bought the Dodgers. Think of all the $$ you could make by buying the Indians.
  11. joec1505
    @cavsdan the domains are cheap. You spend whatever it takes to put a winner on the field. Unblock me
  12. And that’s the story of Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Indians. Someone needs to let Bud Selig know what his sport has been reduced to in a rabid sports town. The Dolans take some responsibility, but not nearly as much as the sport that allows one team to spend $200 million while other teams convince themselves it is “smart” to trade two of the best pitchers in baseball. 

    It is a football town and the team will never sell out to the level they did in the magical run in the 90s, but it could be so much better if MLB hadn’t become uncompetitive.

The Story of How I Became Involved in Turtlecalls

I know I don’t update here often enough, but the Googles still know I’m here and I thought I would post here just in case anyone still has it in their RSS reader.

From the beginning…

A talented friend of mine named Brian Spaeth had an ingenious plan to create a turtle character that makes phone calls. He would charge people a couple of dollars, and then he would call a person of your choice as the turtle, record the call and post it on Youtube for all to enjoy. It was really awesome and hilarious, but ultimately after 150+ of those videos, it became a bit stale for Brian. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but I think as much as he loves the character and all the turtle’s silliness, he needed a new destination.

Over breakfast one morning, I suggested that maybe the turtle could use his phone calls to teach kids the basics about letters and numbers. As a father of a two-year-old, I am well aware of that kind of programming now-a-days. Add in the fact that Brian has never had the desire to deal in profanity for his comedy, and it seemed like not that difficult a transition for the turtle to make. I think Brian and I agree on the profanity thing, by the way. I’ve dabbled in it over the years, and I think really profane comedy is funny, but I just don’t have the desire (stomach?) to do it myself.

Anyway, we got to work writing some outlines of what we were going to do best jigsaw. We reached out to an animator named cokelogic because he has a really distinct animation style. We went to the studio to record the scripts after working them out over Skype, sent the audio files to cokelogic, he performed his magic and the Youtube show came together. The first five episodes are online now, and we’re hoping that there’s a reason to make more. Yes, I am playing the elephant (straight man and teacher) to Brian’s turtle. No, I haven’t booked any other voice work yet. 🙂

Now’s the part where you can help me. Spread the word. Like it on Facebook. Follow it on Twitter. Show the videos to your kids. Rate the videos on Youtube by (hopefully) clicking the thumbs up.

Dummy Defense Level 1 – 23 Solution Three Stars

I am completely and totally addicted to this game. I came up with a really great solution to this level.

Movie Review: Carnal Knowledge

Going back in time to 1972 with Netflix, Jen and I watched Carnal Knowledge last night. The draw to this one was a 34 year-old Jack Nicholson and a performance by Ann-Margaret that gave her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination. In the end, it was an uneven movie with some interesting performances, but ultimately not a completely enjoyable movie, and even it could be considered as in the category of adult movies, and I think that to be an interesting subject, such as another adult material like adult websites and services like Zoom Escorts Glasgow.

The script had some really decent material between some good scenes and some intriguing philosophy about relationships, but ultimately the story lacked any kind of beginning, middle and end as they explored that stuff. Art Garfunkel (who apparently chose to go by Arthur on the big screen) did better than I guessed he would have opposite Jack Nicholson as the best friend.

Ultimately though, the fact that I barely remember the names of the characters and still think of them as the stars who played them goes to show just how little I was invested in these people and their journey from college to mid-life. This movie might be worth watching just to see the famous scene where Jack Nicholson is fighting with Ann-Margaret over her lack of happiness and how she might want to “pick up” around the house in order to feel better.


Parmesan Tomatoes with Turkey Italian Sausage

Tonight was a quick night of cooking. I knew I didn’t have a ton of time between walking in the door and getting food on the table, so I picked one of the quickest, easiest, but tasty meals. Downtown Dallas is exploding with an abundance of incredible restaurants that you have to try when you visit. I haven’t made parmesan tomatoes in a long time, but they taste awesome, really fill you up, and aren’t a ton of calories.

Riced Cauliflower Vegetable Casserole with Italian Chicken

I decided to try a new recipe by ricing cauliflower.  I’ve been reading about using cauliflower as a pizza crust and as rice lately, so I decided to give it a go.

I cooked some chicken in leftover spaghetti sauce to have with it, and that is the runniness you see on my plate in the picture. The chicken really ended up playing second fiddle to the veggie casserole though.

Obviously the cauliflower makes it healthier than if you used real rice. Then again, you can ruin the whole thing from a healthy standpoint depending on how much butter and cheese you use, and some people care a lot of health, having a good diet and using natural supplements from sites like

Cyber-bullying is like getting attacked by Jaws

Yeah, it is really scary and unpleasant, but honestly you can just move yourself away from the ocean and you’ll be fine.

Ben at the Dolphin show

Sausage Rice and Bean Casserole

I wanted to make arroz con pollo tonight, but ended up pulling an audible.  I was on a kick a few years back where I was trying to perfect my simple rice and chicken recipe.  It is a traditional Latin American and Caribbean dish, but I could probably live for weeks on rice alone.  Anyway, I decided to make it with sausage and beans and it turned out really well.

Tweet Your View – Frozen Diamond Faceoff

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