Dan Gilbert + Cleveland Indians = TwitterSplosion - FilteringCraig

Dan Gilbert + Cleveland Indians = TwitterSplosion

  1. cavsdan
    Cleveland, help me understand why U are going nuts on twitter about the Indians the past 2 days. I am very humbled but Tribe not for sale
  2. Dan is more than likely playing dumb here. A guy like Gilbert has been very well plugged in to Cleveland. A guy who recruits Bernie Kosar, Joe Haden and Josh Cribbs to attend the draft lottery isn’t oblivious to the rest of the sports teams in town.

    Some people went for honest and obvious responses…
  3. MurphyFerguson
    @cavsdan Refuse to put a winning team together. Trade stars for prospects to avoid signing them long term. Not committed to winning. At all.
  4. FanOfGame1st
    @cavsdan you said u didnt spend millions ot buy a team to then pinch pennies #Business101 spend money to make money … dolans dont get that
  5. buckeye1308
    @cavsdan at least you know what it takes to get a winner!!!! May have to build but in the end you have the balls to make moves!
  6. Then there were those who tried to make jokes about it…
  7. TheMidnightRydr
    @cavsdan they should be. Just make them an offer they cannot refuse. If they refuse put a horse head in their bed.
  8. MattKeough
    We must consider the outside possibility that @cavsdan is just trying to manipulate his @klout score
  9. Actually I’m not sure if that mayor line was a joke or not…

    Then there were those that were desperate in their appeals to get Gilbert to make an offer.
  10. S_Hannig017
    @cavsdan Look what happened when Magic Johnson bought the Dodgers. Think of all the $$ you could make by buying the Indians.
  11. joec1505
    @cavsdan the domains are cheap. You spend whatever it takes to put a winner on the field. Unblock me
  12. And that’s the story of Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Indians. Someone needs to let Bud Selig know what his sport has been reduced to in a rabid sports town. The Dolans take some responsibility, but not nearly as much as the sport that allows one team to spend $200 million while other teams convince themselves it is “smart” to trade two of the best pitchers in baseball. 

    It is a football town and the team will never sell out to the level they did in the magical run in the 90s, but it could be so much better if MLB hadn’t become uncompetitive.
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