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Movie Review: Carnal Knowledge

Going back in time to 1972 with Netflix, Jen and I watched Carnal Knowledge last night. The draw to this one was a 34 year-old Jack Nicholson and a performance by Ann-Margaret that gave her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination. In the end, it was an uneven movie with some interesting performances, but ultimately not a completely enjoyable movie, and even it could be considered as in the category of adult movies, and I think that to be an interesting subject, such as another adult material like adult websites and services like Zoom Escorts Glasgow.

The script had some really decent material between some good scenes and some intriguing philosophy about relationships, but ultimately the story lacked any kind of beginning, middle and end as they explored that stuff. Art Garfunkel (who apparently chose to go by Arthur on the big screen) did better than I guessed he would have opposite Jack Nicholson as the best friend.

Ultimately though, the fact that I barely remember the names of the characters and still think of them as the stars who played them goes to show just how little I was invested in these people and their journey from college to mid-life. This movie might be worth watching just to see the famous scene where Jack Nicholson is fighting with Ann-Margaret over her lack of happiness and how she might want to “pick up” around the house in order to feel better.


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