Wrong Again Jemele Hill… Wrong Again

Jemele Hill is on ESPN’s Page 2 talking about Plaxico Burress today and once again, she is driving me insane.  She makes some decent points about how the media is letting Burress’ allegedly complicit teammate off the hook, but then she saves some criticism for New York City Mayor Bloomberg and she falls off the rails.

I’m not saying Burress deserves any sympathy, because the moment he decided to attend a nightclub with an unlicensed, loaded firearm tucked in his waistband, he was jeopardizing his life and the lives of others. But did Burress’ actions warrant Bloomberg’s irrational grandstanding? You’d think the mayor of the nation’s largest city would have bigger concerns than the stupidity of a professional athlete. But since when do politicians pass on an opportunity to make themselves the center of attention?

“If we don’t prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law, I don’t know who on earth would,” Bloomberg said Monday. “It makes a sham, a mockery of the law. And it’s pretty hard to argue the guy didn’t have a gun and that it wasn’t loaded. You’ve got bullet holes in and out to show that it was there.”

First of all, the whole argument of, “I would think this guy would have bigger problems” is a commonly used argument that logistically is a sham.  We are complex beings and we can do multiple things at once.  I am surprised Jemele Hill has time to write articles when she isn’t keeping herself alive by eating and breathing while living under shelter.  You see how stupid that is?  The mayor of New York can express concern about someone blatantly violating NYC gun laws while still paying attention to any number of other things.  They aren’t mutually exclusive.  Please can we stop using this argument?

Jemele further digs into a hole with some race baiting.

Why wasn’t the mayor as willing to stand on his soapbox when New York City police officers shot and killed Sean Bell? Bloomberg called for a “thorough” investigation at that time, but he didn’t damn those police officers the way he did Burress. (All three officers were acquitted earlier this year.)

(Head ready to explode.)  POLICE OFFICERS DESERVE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.  PLAXICO BURRESS IS NOT A POLICE OFFICER.  On top of this, if you read about the Sean Bell case it isn’t as clear cut as an athlete who is CLEARLY guilty of having a gun in a place where he wasn’t allowed to have a gun, without a license and also handling it in about as hazardous a manner as you can handle a firearm, short of giving it to a child in a crib.

Finally Jemele cements herself as a desperate columnist who will stop at nothing to make a point even if it is based in non-sequiters and base level emotional manipulation.  IE the economy is hurting people right now.  I will link Bloomberg to the bailout and Wall Street in order to criticize his opinion on unlicensed guns floating around the city he is responsible for.

I also wonder why Bloomberg didn’t act this outraged after the American people were forced to bail out some of his Wall Street buddies because of their bad decisions?

Do you wonder why?  I don’t.  He might be outraged, but it isn’t necessarily in his best interest or under his jurisdiction to make a comment about his Wall Street buddies.  Someone carrying a gun in the city is a Bloomberg issue.  Wall Street’s federal bailout is NOT necessarily a Bloomberg issue.  See, there is no need to wonder.  It is easy to see.

Then again, what could I possibly expect from a “columnist” who is so consistently off the mark and hypocritical.

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  • http://www.chrisclem.com Chris

    I initially became a non-fan of Jamel Hill when she would consistently bash the Cavs during their finals run of 07 on Espn. Once I discovered her columns on espn.com, I knew that I had not made a rash decision. She is an aggravating writer.

  • kiddicus

    I’d never heard of her before today. I was a happier person then.

    thanks, jerk.

    I understand these “journalists” get paid to voice their opinion, but how long before the person signing her paycheck realizes “shit, this lady is a blithering idiot”

  • areyouserious

    Police do deserve the benefit of the doubt but how so in this case? There is right and wrong, there is common sense and ignorance. While I don’t think it needed to be used in her arguement for Burress (totaly different level), that was a foul case AND YOU KNOW IT! My definition of using the race card: when a minority regardless of color uses race in a bogus situation (as a get out of jail free card), and I hate it. So whats worse than using the race card? Looking the other way or coming to some BS rationalization when race is obviously the issue (as you did). Don’t diminish the travesty that was the Sean Bell case to make you point.

  • R Hugh Sirius

    Concerning Jemele Hill: ESPN can take Hill out of the ghetto, but cannot take the marbles outta her mouth. Some things are impossible.

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