Home Depot Is Dead to Me (DEAD!)

Every now and then here on FilteringCraig, I have to lose my mind over a product, or a store, or a service, that has been so completely and utterly brutal that it deserves the fire and brimstone from the depths of my angry soul. Home Depot has drawn such ire at this point that I think this puts them at the top of the list.

All this started because Jen and I decided to buy some new furniture. We bought a bedroom set including a king size bed, and a dresser. We also bought a very nice three-piece leather sectional that was uber-comfy in the furniture store showroom. I imagined days upon days sitting on my butt watching sports and movies on our beauteous LCD TV complete with Media Center PC. Cue the needle scraping across the record on the record player (even though most of us are at least on CD’s if not MP3’s. Come to think of it, the needle scratching off the record is something I am going to miss when it becomes completely culturally irrelevant at some point in the future. ANYWAY…)

The couch wouldn’t fit in the house. The knuckle-draggers from the furniture store were unable to get it into our house. Not through the front door. Not through the side door. Not even through the five foot (2.5 foot opening) sliding glass door on the side of our humble abode. Not after taking the smallish feet off of the couch and trying many different angles. The couch wasn’t coming in. Luckily we had our heating service redbank nj so I felt relief that day.

What to do, what to do? See, I had already given away my old couch, which I truly didn’t want anymore. I really wanted this new couch because we specially ordered the best leather sofa brand we could find, in replacement of our old couch. We had talked about getting French doors put in the patio just recently renewed with the help of professional porch builders, – to replace the nasty old sliding glass door. We called the FencingDirect.com furniture store and told them to hold the couch in their warehouse. We were getting new doors to spruce up our house and so we could have our new couch delivered through brand new French doors which would open up wide enough to use the full five foot opening in the side of our house.

After a few measurements and a bit of research we headed to Home Depot. We found out that our 60 inch opening was atypical for French doors. We found out that they never keep them in stock. So, we started looking through catalogs at 5 foot wide French doors. And then, armed with information, but still in need of expertise, we started working with a Home Depot salesperson to get some doors.

First things first, we said we didn’t know what we wanted to do in terms of installation. I have access to people who can do things like install doors. That being said, time was of the essence with my couch sitting in a warehouse and not in my family room. So, I asked the sales associate if it mattered if I had installation lined up yet or not. She told me that it didn’t matter at all. “At any point in the process, you can choose to have Home Depot install your doors.” (***Note this phrase.) So, she guided us through all the options with our new French doors on her computer screen. She assured us that the doors and entryways are all pretty standard. She plugged in some approximate measurements and we made some decisions on materials, and away we go. We paid for the door on our credit card and left Home Depot with a sunny disposition knowing that our new doors, and thus our new couch was on the horizon.

After talking to some people about getting our door installed, it seemed to be too much of a hassle, so Jen and I decided to use Home Depot to install the doors. In their store, they list a basic door install price of $349. Being a savvy shopper, I knew that it couldn’t possibly come in that cheaply. I was sure that our door would cost more than that to install. We called and the install company sent someone out to measure the opening. At this point, I assumed that he was just out to figure out how many shims and sealing materials he was going to need for our door. Then, right before he left, he said some magical words to me. “The good news is that the door you ordered is going to fit.”

Cue the scratching record sound again.

You mean there was a CHANCE that our standard sized door wasn’t going to fit? We ordered a door that might or might not have fit in the side of our brick house? Apparently, standard Home Depot door installation process has the install company come out and measure the opening FIRST. Before ordering the door. Apparently the opening sizes aren’t quite as “standard” as they led me to believe. But still, we dodged a bullet because the installer assured me the door we ordered wasn’t going to be a problem.

Now, maybe I should have known the standard process. Maybe I should have logically figured out that a real professional measurement by someone capable of installing the door was in order before you buy the door from the manufacturer. But I never claimed to be an expert. I was looking for advice every step of the way, and I took Home Depot guidance.

So, the installer sent his measurements and estimates back to Home Depot and I got a call from a manager at Home Depot telling me that the estimate for installing the door was in. Including labor, materials and everything else my install price was going to be $811.

Cue the scratching record again. EIGHT HUNDRED AND ELEVEN DOLLARS? I said earlier that the standard listed install price on the sign in Home Depot was $350. I knew that it was going to be more expensive than that, but MORE THAN DOUBLE THE PRICE??!?!??!? WOW. After complaining a bit about the bait and switch that I felt like they pulled on me, they were able to lower the price to $762 by not charging me for some of the molding and materials. I still felt like I was the victim of a robbery at best and a raping at worst, but my thoughts again moved to the couch in the warehouse that I so desperately wanted to place my butt on to watch the Indians and cinematic gems from my media center.

I gave in and said “go” to the install. Keep in mind that after waiting for the door to be shipped to the store and waiting for the measurement and all that jazz, we are about four weeks into the door process. At the beginning, I wanted this door thing to be a two week ordeal before realizing that nobody carries any inventory of 60 inch French doors.

Install day arrived, and coincidentally it was also the Indians’ home opener. I met the installer at my house and he started out by throwing the tape measure around. Then he went to the truck and threw the tape measure around my door. After some time, he started taking molding away to throw the tape measure around some more. Then again, back to the truck.

I don’t think I even need to say it at this point. You all probably know where this is going. The installer claimed that he was 5/8ths of an inch too big for the opening and it wasn’t going to work. He said he was going to take the door back to the store, but that he was sure we would get it all worked out and I would eventually have a new door. I was massively disappointed. My stomach turned to knots and honestly, it was a level of frustration that brought me to a serious level of dejection that I haven’t seen in quite some time.

Here we were about five weeks into a process that began because I wanted a new couch since the other one had problems with mold. All this because we couldn’t get this couch in my house during a furniture delivery, at the end I needed to find the Best mold remover to clean the couch while the other was deliver.

And then my dejection started to turn to anger. Upon leaving, the installer made a flippant comment. “Well at least now I won’t have to miss the Indians game.” I didn’t say anything, but my blood was boiling. I don’t know if he was avoiding the install because of the Indians home opener, but now, with that comment, the installer at least opened up that suspicion. Either way, he took the door back to Home Depot.

And this is the part of the story where we get to meet Jeff. Jeff is a manager at the Home Depot in my area, and I didn’t even change his first name to protect him. Why? I don’t care about him. I have never really gotten into a screaming match with someone on the phone before I met Jeff. He is the reason that I will do everything in my power for the rest of time to keep from giving a dime to Home Depot.

Jeff called me to follow up on the failed installation. One of the first things he says to me is that he is trying to figure out how it is that my measurement came after I ordered the door. I was confused by the line of questioning and finally asked Jeff how, exactly any of this was helpful to me as a paying customer to get my door installed. And he said to me, “Well, I have already talked to my manager and you are supposed to get measured before you order the door. You ordered a door that is too big for the opening and we aren’t going to take this one back.”


This is when I started screaming at Jeff. “Let me get this straight. You are questioning me in hopes of figuring out an order of events where I am to BLAME so you can get out of having to take this door back into inventory? Do you treat all your customers like criminals? Do you think I went through this process ordering your employees around, or do you think I was following their advice along the way? I was assured that I could choose Home Depot as my installer at any point along the way. I would appreciate you helping me find a solution to the problem we have rather than looking to stick me with building inventory. You are the ones who sell building supplies for a living NOT ME.”

Of course, my rant was interrupted multiple times by him trying to get a word in edgewise, but I lost my shit. I lost it to the point that I actually had a pain in my voice from clenching so badly while I was yelling. I have never been so livid at any store in my entire life. I understand that Home Depot didn’t want to take the door back because I am sure they are graded as a store on inventory efficiency, but don’t be confused. Inventory isn’t Home Depot‘s primary business. Customer Service is probably number one, followed closely by building supplies. Jeff was trying to maneuver to the point that he wanted the customer to be so dead wrong that he would have to buy a second door and be stuck with the first door that possibly wouldn’t fit into an opening in his house.

At this point, I start reaching out to those resources that I had in the first place to possibly take over installation duties of this door. If the opening isn’t wide enough then we are going to have to do something about that. I couldn’t possibly eat the money it cost me to buy the door. If I wasn’t going to get anyone to work with me at Home Depot, I would at least try to make the best of it. My uncle came out, measured the opening, and then went to Home Depot with my receipt and demanded to measure the door. By his estimates it is going to be REALLY tight and we might have about a half inch of room width-wise in the opening to get the door in. That is not a lot of wiggle room, to be sure.

Still, it looks like we might have a door installation take place sometime in the next two weeks, and then I can get my couch.

Is it any wonder that I have been playing Call of Duty 4 so much lately? I have been working on gaining experience points based on killing, and more specifically the number of headshots you can rack up. Is it any wonder at all?

But it doesn’t end there. I officially canceled the Home Depot “installation” this morning and they wouldn’t refund the total amount. When you get measured, it costs $30. That money goes toward the installation price, but there is another destination charge in your installation fee which is non-refundable. That fee is $50. So, they weren’t able to refund the $50 destination charge where the guy came and couldn’t install my door after the measurer told me there would be no problem. So, basically they extorted $20 from me at best and $50 from me at worst. And the nerve of the woman on the phone to say, “It’s only $20 because the measurement was $30.” I told her to go ahead and process the refund, but that she shouldn’t say “It’s only $20” because I basically paid that $20 FOR NOTHING AT ALL.

Congrats to all those of you who made it here to the end of this post. I appreciate you listening to me vent. Hopefully you will learn from my mis-steps and the retardation of the dummies who helped me get to this point in my journey.

Here’s hoping that this story eventually ends well. In the meantime, screw Home Depot. Never again. You are truly dead to me.

  • Kelly

    I feel your pain. For quite some time now, when things like this have happened to me, I have written a letter to the chairman of the company. The last time I did this, it was a national retailer, someone you’d find in an upscale mall. I ordered some furniture and a 9-month ordeal followed. At the end of the story, I wrote a letter to the CEO of the company. I received a personal letter in return with a $150 gift certificate for my troubles. You may want to try it. Most of your story is already written up in your post (with a little editing of expletives of course). I find that a well written respectful letter gets the attention of someone. Things that go to the chairman generally do not get blown off. They get rerouted to someone who might actually pay attention. Don’t tell them you’re done with HD for life, stress how you trusted them, went to them for advice, and they let you down and caused you great strife and stress, etc. End the letter with a request for what you want them to do to rectify the situation…what would make you feel better. Be reasonable.

    Now, if you receive no response to the letter in 30-45 days, THEN badmouth them from here to kingdom come and beyond.

    Let us know how it turns out if you do it..

  • http://www.xmsu.com Mike

    *Whistles in the corner*

    On the plus side you’ve made a friend very happy with his new setup. 🙂

  • Chris D

    Two things…

    1) I guess you have never seen the news specials about NEVER choosing a Home Depot Installer.

    2) Second, call your credit card company and dispute any charge for this door. Tell Home Depot to go fuck themselves and take you to court if they want there $20. Your credit card company will back you if you explain you ordered merchandise under there advisement and it was defective.

    Chris D.

  • http://www.nothingbutlove.net Bill

    Whatever happened to Forest City? Call the home office of Home Depot — in Atlanta, I think. Arthur Blank, present owner of the Falcons, founded it — take some solace in knowing that he had Michael Vick to deal with.

  • kiddicus

    dude, Lowe’s is way better. Plus I know like eleventy million people in the trades, you could’ve asked. It would’ve been done for much less than $811 and we would’ve measured things before giving you your RO dimensions. 60″ is a bitch of a size for french doors, but more of a bitch is gonna be that 1/2″ leeway in your RO. It’ll fit, but getting it plumb square and level might be a challenge.

    holler if you need assistance.

  • http://aidelmaidel.blogspot.com aidelmaidel

    My suggestion? http://www.consumerist.com

    Companies have started noticing when folks get their stories published on consumerist.com, and they’ve got plenty of info on higherups in all sorts of companies. I say go for an EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb) and cc the consumerist. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

  • Stu

    Wow. I was about to order a door from HD..but now, coupled with the complaints on comsumeraffairs.com, there’s no way. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I agree with Kelly. Write a letter to the CEO and complain about your experience. Hopefully, they will reimburse you somehow.

    2455 Paces Ferry Road
    Atlanta GA 30339-4024
    United States
    Work: 1-770-433-8211

  • depot door installer

    without knowing what manufacturer you chose for your door,its hard to know the exact unit size.. with that beeing typed,im guessing your r.o. is 60″x80……this should be a “standard” size door,measuring exactly 59 1/4″x79 1/2″……..some come in at 58 1/2″x79 1/2″ at any rate im guessing your uncle will be able to set this door in the rough opening with relative ease and maybe some minor labor to trim it…. good luck installing your door and im always angered to hear someone having trouble with a hd door install.. ive installed doors for hd for 18 years everyday….JUST DOORS!!! doors ….doors ….doors and more doors….
    please post the outcome…im curious …thank you

  • Karlie

    I HATE HOME DEPOT, TOO!!! I’m in the process of filing small claims against them, and decided to find fuel for my fire…well, you said it, and many others, too!

    Here’s my story…
    On July 28, 2006 we purchased a pre-finished Masonite Meridian-style mahogany entry door from the Freehold, New Jersey Home Depot store (store#0961). We were explicitly told the door required no maintenance within the first 2-3 years of installation because it was a pre-finished door. We were also misled to believe it had a 10 year warranty, not a 1-year warranty. (As a side note here, Home Depot NEVER had a 10-year warranty. I spoke with a list of other Masonite suppliers who informed me Masonite makes a lesser quality door for Home Depot, and therefore they have a 1-year warranty) The door was delivered on Sept.26, 2006, and installed in June of 2007 following the completion of our renovations. On or about March 30, 2008 we noticed a split in the header of the door slab. This defect is covered by warranty, so we immediately contacted Masonite and Home Depot. After repeated attempts to have the door replaced, we were told (1.) the warranty would only be one year from the date of purchase (why not install?) since it was purchased from Home Depot; and (2.) we had ultimately voided the warranty, regardless of time frame, by not sealing the door within 45 days of installation. Home Depot told us they would give us a settlement of $250 in the form of a gift card. Like I want to buy anything from them!!!

    When we purchased the door the salesman, Chris, dissuaded us from purchasing the less expensive Steel door, assuring us the Mahogany door was constructed with a unique criss-cross pattern to the wood to prevent splitting and warping; and that the door did not require yearly maintenance, but only a clear coat of varnish every 2-3 years. We came to realize after the fact we were never given any care/maintenance information, which may have been helpful here, but we are the buyer, that’s their responsibility to supply us with that information. How would I know to ask for it in writing??? The Home Depot employee/salesperson misrepresented both the length and terms of the warranty and for this we are seeking damages in the maximum allowable amount of $3000.00 (original costs: door+install = $ 3300.22) to replace and install the new door.
    Our attorney has sent 2 certified letters to the Atlanta, GA address. The first was returned, the second was delivered. We demanded a response within 10 days or we would file with small claims. THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE COURTESY TO RESPOND!!! So, here I sit, sharing my story with you and stamping the envelopes with the small claims information contained therin.
    I’ll keep you posted and let you know what happens.

    Oh, and PS–they never came out to measure ANY of our doors prior to install until the Anderson we installed this past spring. Had I know where the above was going I would never have purchased the Anderson from them…that’s my last purchase FOREVER! Good bye HD, Hello Loews!

  • Daniel Silvestri

    I am planning to purchase three sets of French doors to replace the old ones. I went to the Lowes website in an attempt to get some estimates of cost. I noticed they didn’t give prices, and that’s exactly what I was interested in so I went to the Home Depot web site, and that is when I discovered your post.

    Let me digress for a moment. I relocated to Palm Bay, Florida 7 years ago and became a property owner. The first thing I noticed is that a Home Depot was in this town, and I visited often as I wanted to improve my property. I won’t go into all of the chain saws I had to purchase and exchange before finally getting one that worked to my satisfaction. BUT AT LEAST, AT THAT TIME HOME DEPOT EXCHANGED EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT QUESTION. That policy has henceforth changed, and now it’s easier to cross the Rio Grande illegally than it is to refund/exchange at Home Depot.

    But I will share my real bitch with Home Depot. They sell their premier ECHO line of outdoors power equipment. The equipment is great and used by professionals all the time. So do you think they would stock the typical maintenance equipment for the owners of ECHO equipment? I would thin so, but not only do I have trouble finding normal ECHO maintenance products in stock, but I have traveled 10 or 12 miles north to the other Home Depot and they don’t have the shit either. Is this a conspiracy, or do they don’t want to make more money, or are they this disorganized, or do they like pissing people off, or maybe they just don’t give a shit!!!

    I will share with you that I was using a Home Depot employee for some “honey-do” projects around the house, and he privately informed me that Home Depot was formerly a real fortune-500 take-care-of-your-employees type of organization for many years, but that ended and they turned typical cut-throat, end the benefits, cut the bowling team, Let’s pay the stockholders and screw everything else.

    Bottom Line – thank you so much for saving me not getting tanked on 3 sets of french doors from Home Depot. I think I’ll shop elsewhere. And by the way, I LOVE the manner in which you expressed yourself in your post. You’re a hell of a writer, I felt like you were in the room talking to me. You cracked me up. I don’t know what you do, but if writing isn’t a major part of it, you’re missing your calling. Thanks again, Daniel Silvestri Palm Bay, Florida

  • Chris

    Ok, so I thought I’d put in my 2 cents because, well, I had a similar experience with Home Depot. As with Daniel above me, I came across this rant while doing a web search for french doors. I’m planning an addition to my house and wanted to see if I could find prices, not concerned with installation though, I’ll install it my self since it’ll be new construction.

    So anyway, here’s my story: I went in to Home Depot looking for french doors (mine also 60in special order), found a door that I liked and, since I had no other options for installation, paid for the measurements, the $30 and the $50 you mentioned. A couple of days later the installer came by and took measurements and went on his merry way. I was told by HD that they would call me when the measurements were calculated and the had figured out what fit so I could go in and order the door. Two weeks later still no call so I start calling…and calling…and calling, talking to whoever I can to figure out what’s taking so long. After 3 weeks with nothing but excuses (something about change of management or something stupid like that) I went in and spoke to someone personally. After still not having any answers and no hints to a time frame, I canceled the installation. Luckily I hadn’t paid for the door yet, but there was that $80 that I paid. I asked for a refund and the told me that, like you, the $50 was non refundable and that the $30 paid for the measurements. So naturally, since I couldn’t get my $30 I requested a copy the measurements that they took so I wouldn’t have to pay for measurements TWICE. No deal, they say they can’t give me a copy. I paid for it so it’s mine, right? So after a while of going a few rounds with the women at the customer service desk, and then with the manager, about either getting my $30 back or a copy of the measurements, I was given a refund since, for some unknown reason, I couldn’t get a copy of the tangible product/service that I had purchased, the measurements, maybe they lost them, who knows. They ended up giving me a refund for the full $80 too, I guess they didn’t want to argue about that too. I left there and went directly to Lowes. The next day someone was at my home measuring and about a week to 10 days later, when the door came in, I had my new french doors installed. I must say though, I do still shop at HD because it is MUCH closer than my nearest Lowes, but I only buy off-the-shelf items from them, I will NEVER waste my time trying to purchase services from them again, not after that wonderful first impression.

  • peter fotinos

    I have had the same experience with home depot as the consumers on this site. I had tile installed in two of my bathrooms in 2005. I went to home depot they measured and I paid for the installation. When the installer came out he wanted to take both bathrooms out of service at the same time and told my family and I to go to the neighbors to use the toilet. After calling the store and telling them that was not an option he relented and did one bathroom at a time. When he finished the grout lines were uneven and the tile was not set right. He said he was the only installer for 200 miles of service and my job was small so he was in a hurry. He left me the tile sealer and told me to do it myself.(also the clean up). I called the manager of the store and the cooperate office hoping I could get someone out to see the job he had done instead home depot sent me a check for 100. dollars. Well this year the toilet in one of the bathrooms came loose and the plate rusted out because the home depot installer and not bothered to set the toilet right. I had one of the bathrooms redone because of the tile not being set right, the new installers had no trouble removing the home depot job.
    On another job this year for my Kitchen I went to home depot to get a quote for granite(I had no intention of using them I just thought they might be cheaper and I could use their price for negotiation) The came in 2000.00 more than Lowes. The salesman at home depot told me I would have to wait for a couple of months to get it done. I asked him if they had problems with the company they used and he said yes they mismeasure or get the wrong color granite but that home depot always corects the problem. I know better. The lowes installers were here my granite is finished and lowes took another 300. dollars off the installation price because my new cabinets did not need any extra reinforcements. I have been extremely happy with Lowes they have better supplies and much more helpful sales people who if there is a problem go out of their way to fix it. I too have to drive much further to get to the lowes store but our local home depot is so bad that I try not to give them any buisness.(even with gas as high as it was I was so mad at home depot I drove to lowes). My advise to anyone thinking of using home depot to install anything is Do NOT TAKE THE CHANCE

  • Anyone

    … I run into similar problems with people who think they are able to install products themselves (or have someone else install them) – You are responsible for making sure the product fits – full stop. I can easily see how you are frustrated with this, but when you order the product “cash and carry” you are the one that makes sure it fits.

  • John

    We had the same problem with Home Depot when ordering faux wooden blinds for the entire house. Windows were measured wrong; when the blinds arrived, most did not fit; installers did not know how to shorten the blinds to fit the windows as they were supposed to. The saleswoman, the manager, the customer service line, and even the chairman’s office either ignored us or tried to blame this all on us! Now I drive past their store to Lowe’s and send them an email telling them how much I spent at Lowe’s!

  • C.Davey

    The “install price” is labor you dumb bastard. You still need to buy the door you want. Get a clue and quit whining and stop being so cheap

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the posts about Home Depot. Can’t see Lowe’s being a lot different. Either store is OK for small DIY stuff, but for doors/windows/cabinets/kitchen remodels etc, I stay away from them.

    And their contractors flat out SUCK!

  • John

    You all need to stop ranting on the internet, you have a clearly one sided story. It’s not going to prevent home depot from striving and ruling the home renovation market. Whether you like it or not, it’s up to YOU to be a smart consumer, not the vendor to magically explain to you every last caveat about any given installation. Learn to do it right, or hire someone that can do it right. You chose home depot to save money, and you probably did. You get what you pay for.

  • Alex

    I don’t understand why you didn’t tell Jeff that their people had measured the door and they had ordered it. You didn’t need to become livid if that was the case.

  • Lori

    Thanks for your post. I have been continually disappointed by Home Depot! Mostly because of what they don’t have in stock that a “normal” hardware should carry in stock. Most times I waste gas and time walking around the store to find out that they don’t carry a hinge for a toy box that will keep the lid from dropping on my son’s head, but I digress. I really enjoy your style of writing. I liked your article so much, I shared it on my facebook. Thanks again. Btw, did it get installed okay?

  • Pam

    Go to your local hardware store. They may be a little more expensive but most of them are very friendly, have excellent customer service, and go out of their way to make sure you get what you need. (Even if you don’t know what it is that you need) I only go to the big box stores for the everyday shelf items.

  • http://none Mikel Estes

    Huh? While informative, entertaining and maybe a few other things, the question that popped into my head?
    If it was only 5/8″ too big at that one point, why didn’t someone suggest cutting the opening bigger? If it was a 2×4, a circular saw and a saws-all would do it. If brick, hardi-board, whatever, an inexpensive masonry blade put on the same circular saw would work. From the info I gathered here, if I was on this job, I would have found a way, perhaps like your uncle did.Even the edge of the door might have been able to be shaved down a little on both sides, and simply covered up with trim after installation. Maybe I missed something, but seemed obvious to me.

  • http://locksmithinsacramentoca.com/ Tiffany Locksmith

    Why don’t just opt to go to your neighborhood store? I bet they can offer a better service.

  • Robert Arthur

    I found this blog while looking for reasonably priced french doors to replace 60″ sliding patio doors.
    It seems that the author’s prime objective was to get a sofa into the room. I Have to ask why he, or the furniture delivery men, did not simply lift the sliding patio doors out of their tracks and then put them back after bringing the sofa through the 5ft opening?

    For what it is worth I find the staff at my local HD in Florida are usually extremely helpful and most will go out of their way to give excellent customer service. This is in stark contrast to the staff in my local HD in Quebec who sem to run away as soon as a customer starts to walk towards them.

  • Steven

    I’m in Kansas. I ordered a set of double doors for my exterior front door entry way from Home Depot. They made it seem as if it was as easy as: measuring the doorway, ordering the doors, and then having them installed. Sounds like a simple process, right? They told me to wait a few days, and someone would come out to measure.

    I initiated the process with HD on 6/20/2011. Here I am on 8/27/2011 and I’ve got a set of double doors still sitting in my garage that have not been installed yet.

    Here’s the process so far:

    1. Some woman from R&D Installations in Kansas City calls me to set up a measurement. She then asks how old my house is. I said it was built in 1976. She then says that it more than likely has lead paint and they would have to test for it. If it does have lead paint, then they won’t install the doors. If this is the case, I just wasted $30 and my time in waiting for nothing. But I already knew that my house doesn’t have lead paint anyways. About 4 days later, I call the woman at R&D and left a message to confirm that there was indeed an appointment set up to measure. She never returned my call. Apparently, these people at R&D do not answer the phone and they will not return voice mails.

    2. Without receiving confirmation, luckily some guy does come out to measure my doors. Didn’t bother to test for lead.

    3. Several days later, HD calls and tells me to come in and complete my order for the doors. But I would have to talk to the expiditer to do this.

    4. I go to HD a couple nights later, and the expiditer was not there. Someone was in the door department, but was already helping several others.

    5. I go to HD again the next day on my lunch break to finally get the order finalized. Of which could have been done over the phone. But the types of doors I had wanted were already specified up front when I first came into HD before setting up the installation. All that was needed were the right measurements. So that whole process of just “finalizing” my order wasted 3-4 days because it could have been done over the phone.

    6. A week and a half later, doors finally arrive. HD calls and says that someone else will notifiy of installation.

    7 A couple days go by, R&D installation in Kansas City calls me to set up an installment time. It was set for a week later on a weekday. So I would have to take the day off of work. They told me that the installer would call me between 9 and 11 a.m. to let me know they are on their way.

    8. 8/3/2011. Day of installation. Installer calls at 10 am. He tells me he is on his way with my doors. He shows up in pick-up truck. No company name on the truck or any indication anywhere that the guy even works for anyone. I can already see that my double doors are literally just sitting face down in the back of some pick up truck amongst some other junk in the back of this guy’s truck. My doors looked like construction debris that was just tossed into the back. Some guy that weighs about 350 lbs, gets out of the truck. He grabs my doors and pulls them over the side of the truck dragging the doors aross the side. He then shows me a scuff on the doors that looked like the fiberglass had melted or something. I think he damaged the doors, but he claimed he didn’t. There was absolutely no way of proving who was at fault. But I decided just to accept the doors anyhow and I would take care of the damaged area since it wasn’t that bad because I was painting the doors myself. The doors were unfinished.

    7. The installer then says, “Oh wait, there’s no sill extender with the door. Sorry, I can’t install the door”. He leaves. And the doors are left sitting in my garage and I missed a day of work for nothing. At that point, I got knots in my stomach and I was becoming very upset.

    8. I decided to paint the doors while waiting for the “sill extender” to be delivered. I suspected that having a “sill extender” is optional and that the installer lied. Anyhow, it took almost 2 weeks for the part to be delivered to HD. HD should have overnighted the part, but they chose standard UPS shipping so that I as a customer would have to wait.

    9. Part finally comes in on 8/11/2011. R&D Installations calls me on 8/14/2011 to set up a time for next week to install the door. I ask them if they have a Saturday time. The woman at R&D said yes, and set me up to have them installed a week and a half later on a Saturday.

    10. Saturday 8/27/2011 rolls around. It’s early morning, I’m finally relieved and excited that I’m going to get my double door installed and I could finally add more curb appeal to my home.

    11. My phone rings at 8:45 a.m.. It was the installer and I answered it expecting to hear him say that he was on his way.

    12. The installer told me, “I hurt my back and can’t install your doors. Can we reschedule for next Saturday?”.

    I just hung up the phone. I am super f-in pissed off. I spent $1300 for nothing. It’s been over 2 months, and I’ve got doors just sitting in my garage. The money I paid up front for installation is just being kept by someone else. So immediately after hanging up the phone, I marched straight down to HD to demand a full refund. I was hot. The guy here just enters in some notes into the computer and said that I would have to talk to the “expiditer” on Monday.

    The situation is, everything is 3rd party when it comes to getting something istalled through HD. No one in the entire process is responsible for anything and nobody cares if you have any problems. The installers that are used are typically the types of individuals that are completely unreliable and do not want to work. I suspect that they collect a fee just for showing up to a house. So when they get to a house, the will purposely look for an excuse not to install anything just so they can leave and collect a fee. No one from R&D to HD knows or cares about what is going on with your project. I have never been offered store credit or a discount off the installation for my troubles. Nothing. I’m a reasonable person, I’m patient, and I don’t expect perfect work. But even i am absolutely livid and upset and have been angry the entire weekend. And part of it is that I have dealt with the truck-driving low wage installer types of individuals in the past. They typically will always delay delivery on something or not show up to a job because “their back hurts” or “their truck broke down”. And then if they do show up to do something, there is always something with the work that wasn’t done right.

    My only options now are to with either, send the doors back that I have painted already for a full refund. Get the installation portion refunded and find an installer myself. Or at least get store credit or a discount and continue to wait for installation. But I am going to push for HD to not use R&D Installation services and to get the “expiditer” to find someone else in the KC area to get this done. I’m upset, and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

  • Reece C

    From my own horrible experience after purchasing a Masonite exterior fiberglass door which cost $3,200 plus installation by a Home Deport installer I would advised a prudent shopper to stay away from Home Depot. My objections to Home Depot stem from the fact is HD Corporate Offices their primary alliance is to their vendors and the manufacturer. Masonite reneg on it’s consumer warranty, not only did they reneg but they offered and said they would only recognize a completely different warranty that was provided at the time of purchase. Upon my offer to send or fax them the original warranty Masonite customer service refused to deal with me any further. There is many similar complaints about Home Depot and their unholy alliance with inferior products including Masonite.

  • http://Handymanrate.com Sean

    This is the best Home Depot story ever, this is what people get for believing that home depot or lowes is installing your product, UH Duh !, they use sub contractors for one and for two you never get to meet the clowns that are going to install your product in the first place, moral of this story is, if you act like an idiot bad things happen to you, I am a contractor and handyman and for some reason people swarm to home depot and lowes to provide quality advise and install, now hear this re re’s, ” Home depot and lowes is a retail outlet, they sell stuff” they are not qualified to install stuff, lol, wow, use your brains and hires a qualified tech who measures first then orders the dam door, sorry but maybe somebody shoulda told ya like it was in the first place and you’de of never gave your money to a clown store, holla if you need a real contractor.

  • Noapam394

    Here is the only point you did wrong….you forgot one important fact…you used a credit card. One word…chargeback. the customer ALWAYS wins in situations like this. The merchant takes the risk when they decide to accept cards. You should have told Jeff to go fuck himself, and filed a grievance with the credit card company. When you got ALL the money refunded, charge backed, then sent Jeff a copy of it, with a go fuck yourself letter. AND make a formal complaint to Home Depot corporate.

  • ID10T

    Blaming home depot for your own stupidity? 
    You are an idiot.

    • doc


  • E. Raymont

    The below ‘cut and paste’ from rip-off report.  Home Depot is bad news

    #2 Consumer Comment
    Home Depot priorities are keeping manufacturer happy not customers
    AUTHOR: S Cooper – (United States of America)
    SUBMITTED: Monday, November 07, 2011

    I am absolutely flabbergasted how openly shallow and self
    serving Home Depot, Atlanta, GA is. It is corruption at the top of the
    worst type. Within the last couple of years Home Depot has hired a
    bunch of PR people to surf the internet to find dissatisfied Home Depot
    customers. This Nicki i.e. Stephanie or anyone _Care@HomeDepot.com. They
    do nothing i.e. cannot address issues and problems with Home Depot
    products or policies. This PR team has no actual powers, it is just
    window dressing. Check the Internet yourself to see how many customers
    actually report anything was done for them by this team.
    Home Depot is not customer driven. Home Depot each and every time will
    always succumb to the pressures of the companies that manufacture the
    merchandise they sell, even those selling grossly inferior merchandise
    as described above the expensive and ‘life time warranty’ Masonite
    doors. The truth is Home Depot does not get involved in warranty issues
    no matter how grossly violated their customers are by a manufacturer.
    Your local Store managers have no power to work with a customer no
    matter how obvious it is Home Depot is at fault. Some lawyer should go
    after Home Depot for their refusing to honor what they sell. In the
    meantime just go to another store. What you save today by shopping at
    Home Depot you will pay dearly in the future. Any lawyer should feel
    free to contact me about HD and their outrageous disregard for dealing
    with their customers fairly.

  • Someguy

    As a general contractor, I’ve learned that the stupidity of customers has no bounds. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bid a job and gotten a flabbergasted response by the customer….”How much?  That’s way too high!”

    Forward 30 days, and the phone rings:  “Ummm…can you come fix my XYZ?  The cheapo Mexican that I hired for minimum wage screwed it up”

    No, sorry ma’am.  Your ignorance leads me to believe that NO contractor can make you happy.

    • Arthur Dent

      It is better that you charge them and then hire Mexicans to do the work?

  • manac

    Why didn’t you just take your sliding doors off the track to bring your couch in? All you have to do is lift and pull them out at the bottom. Any window and door person should have been able to tell you this. The door frame is not built around the door panels. They are instaled after the fact.

    • doc

      tooo stoooopid

  • Jack

    You are a complete imbecil! Try cutting your new sofa in half  and squeezing it through your standard door opening. Sounds to me like you failed to measure the sofa and your opening before purchasing your cheap (probably bought at Ashley furniture) faux leather sofa. This leads me to believe that you will easily botch french door purchase, blaming your stupidity on Home Depot is obsurd. Maybe things could have been handled better but c’mon, just whip out your trusty credit card and buy yourself a new CD player. Born this way or is this all Indian fans. I will put money on it that your sofa was bought on clearance and could not be cancelled or returned. I will also bet that you assumed you had a standard sized opening and just bought the french door and blamed your stupidity on the Home Depot sales associate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Merle-Gorko/100000900557175 Merle Gorko

    Stores like that clearly mark how much install prices are going to be, I think that they charge absurd prices just to screw in a screen door. I’ve had Pella install several windows, this usually costs nearly as much as the window! It’s the way it is bubb. You sound like you’re the one at fault with both the sofa and doors. Do some research next time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Merle-Gorko/100000900557175 Merle Gorko

    Stores like that clearly mark how much install prices are going to be, I think that they charge absurd prices just to screw in a screen door. I’ve had Pella install several windows, this usually costs nearly as much as the window! It’s the way it is bubb. You sound like you’re the one at fault with both the sofa and doors. Do some research next time.

  • Thorman

    Sounds to me like you should have measured the opening yourself prior to purchasing a couch that was too big for any opening in your home. I think you are expecting too much from a girl on the other end of the phone who has never installed anything in her life. That said, I’m surprised Home Depot would not take the doors back because from my experience, they take back everything unless it is a special order item or custom order.

  • GMC

    What a horrible experience. however, I once hired a lawyer to represent me only later to learn he only represented himself, lied to me about my entire case. I caught him in all his lies but by the end of the day, I was out of about $30K for……nothing.

    Oh wait… I paid $30K for a bucket of lies. The lawyer should have been ‘disbarred’ charging me for a ‘settlement offer’ that was never given to the plaintiff, charged me for attending a couple of case management conferences at ($1500) a pop that weren’t even on record at the court house. The ones he did attend were to argue over a settlement offer that wasn’t even sent. GOD only knows what the attorney’s and Judge Eaton really talked about. Then the attorney topped it all off by committing fraud on the court stating I owed money, i didn’t owe.

    Regardless if one pays $100 for something not received or $30K, it really doesn’t matter because nothing is worse than paying someone to do something when they fail to execute what they promise to do but take your money nonetheless. Regardless of their incompetency or failure to do absolutely anything for the customer, they jerk you around, then take your money. Sorry, that is letting the customer pay for your mistakes or in my case, out and out thievery using the corrupt court system to get away with it.

    What is most irritating, is when you expose them and they turn around and make the victim into being the villain. I find that this is how the big guys operate. It
    s not only deceitful but utterly pathetic.

    The $70 or $100 whatever it was you paid H.D. for their incompetence was piddly compared to your duress of the ‘nightmare’ experience, the absolute aggravation H.D. caused you, which was far more damaging than the monetary loss. : (

    Thanks for your story, it it makes you feel any better, I’m sure you have saved someone out there, the same aggravation by sharing your story.

    No doubt, readers will be measuring twice….ordering once. ; )

  • MJL

    First world problems.

  • Edmunds

    I likelike the way you write! Had a good laugh:) I’m a general contractor, and glad to see, that someone actually talks about their experiences with HD. If someone asked me to install a door, I would never go by customers measurements. HD screwed up! And they should take the responsibility to make things right!
    And to those of you, who blames the author of this story – no one is perfect. I am sure, that everyone has made a mistake. So next time call a licensed contractors, who specializes in the field, get two or three estimates, check out the company. And don’t take the lowest bid!

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