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Jeremy Scahill = Smug Prick

Word has it that I have avoided politics too much lately. Well, here you go.

You know the guy who is smarter than you are, who has no idea why you won’t acknowledge the fact that he is soooooooo much smarter than you? That is Jeremy Scahill. I just watched him derail an otherwise entertaining episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. He came in and just gave a combative, exasperated testimony in douche-baggery. The show was full of disagreements and good points, and interesting opinions until he showed up and became the cancer of the panel. The whole tone of the show changed and soon everyone was screaming at each other, except Adam Goldberg. Goldberg was witty, intelligent and most of all funny throughout, and tagged it with, “Uhhh they told me in my pre-interview that there wouldn’t be any yelling.”

Back to Jeremy Scahill… Dude, we get it. You are smarter than we are. Or at least you have more knowledge in this one area than we do. Now take your condescending, smug attitude and go away, you inconsequential, intolerable douche.

Baby Diaper Moustache

I don’t really need to put a description here. Opie and Anthony present, “Baby Diaper Moustache.” There is potty-mouth language and the real possibility that you will dry heave, and/or throw up.


Delonte West is Strange

This is a long, interesting look into the man, Delonte West. I understand what it is all about and I am happy that he ended up here with the Cavs. I can’t help but root for any man who wears the number 13 on the back of his jersey. But, the dude is still very strange. Check out the anecdotes in the article. Oh yeah, and for some reason, it seemed necessary to either him or the reporter that he do a topless photo shoot for the article.

Delonte West Topless
Feel free to make up your own captions.

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