Ohio State’s Anthony Gonzalez Sleeps in Altitude Tent

This is a very weird story, and an even weirder picture.


“Anthony Gonzalez sleeps in a tent. The Ohio State junior wide receiver also studies in his tent, plays Xbox in his tent and writes e-mails from his laptop in his tent.

“It’s very difficult to explain to people that you sleep in a tent,” said Gonzalez, 21. But the St. Ignatius High School grad be lieves his sleeping ar rangement will give the No. 1-ranked Buck eyes a minuscule edge in their pursuit of an other national championship.”

I hope it makes a difference for him in week two when the Buckeyes take on Texas.

  • http://www.djjazzyjen.com Jen

    It seems to me that he should close the door on that tent. I hear those altitude tents work better that way. Dummy.

  • http://www.filteringcraig.com FilteringCraig

    You do NOT call Anthony Gonzalez dummy!


  • http://www.intheairtonight.org Phil Collins

    I agree. You do NOT talk about Anthony Gonzalez like that.

  • http://www.xmsu.com Mike

    Isn’t it kind of hard to bring home a date and ask her to get into your altitude tent?

  • teresa

    Trust me guys, I have seen his pics.He wont have to worry about getting a date in the tent , or getting a date for that matter.. ewwwwww

  • Ayana

    anthony is my homie and he doesnt look that bad i mean ive seen worse.

  • Jesse

    You guys are idiots what girl wouldn’t want to join the mile high club with THE ANTHONY GONZALEZ.

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