War all the Time too Disturbing?

Thursday sent this email out to their fans today regarding their new video for the song “War All the Time.” Their new video is apparently a little scary for some of the music stations out there. The alternative channel for music on cable TV called Fuse has decided to try it out. There is more to this story though. Apparently Korn’s new video won’t be showed on MTV either because it is too disturbing and edgy with its scenes of kids tearing up record stores in an act of violent revolt against the music industry.

This is the scary part about the consolidation of media outlets. MTV needs to be edgy and take chances. Over time as the Viacom media empire has grown, MTV has assimilated so they can fly under the radar. As a result they are slowly moving toward irrelevance. Fuse and other alternatives that continue to pop up will be happy to take over their audience.

    To all our friends,
    As many of you already know, we have recently shot a video for the song “War All The Time.” There has been a lot of resistance to the video from some media outlets. They feel the video may be too controversial and that it has disturbing overtones. We want to let you know what the song and video mean to us.
    The song “War All The Time” is about growing up amidst conflict and confusion. It’s also about falling in and out of love against a backdrop of cynicism and learning to think for yourself when the media barrages you with information, opinions and fear.
    At the heart of the song is freedom. Freedom in every sense of the word: freedom from hate and discrimination, freedom for every people of every country to live without oppression and persecution, freedom of choice in personal decisions, freedom to love whoever you love (regardless of sexual orientation) and freedom to express yourself regardless of your opinion’s popularity. Doesn’t everyone long to be free?
    Fuse network has decided to test the waters and start playing “War All The Time”. We sincerely ask that you call them, thank them for taking a chance on the video, and request that they play the song as many times as they can. This song and video cut to the essence of what our music is about. Its a small thing, but maybe we can force a little bit of hope and love into the mainstream media while we have a chance. In these times, few things are more revolutionary than caring.
    The “War All The Time” video is now on Fuse’s Ovenfresh page at http://fuse.tv/content/se/ovenfresh.php – head on over and cast your vote! You can also leave comments about the video – we’d love to hear what you have to say.

I don’t really care about my MTV anymore. How about you?

  • http://blogcritics.org/archives/2004/03/16/114247.php Blogcritics

    Thursday – War All the Time Disturbing?

    Thursday sent this email out to their fans today regarding their new video for the song “War All of the…

  • http://www.arilev.com Ari Lev

    the thing about mtv is that i don’t think of them as much as a music station anymore…mtv realized long ago that they couldn’t play the same 10 videos over and over again 24 hours a day…so they had two choices…either embrace a wider spectrum of music or start offering other programing…their choice was obvious…and its ok to offer something other than music…even the most diehard music fan couldn’t stand to sit and just watch music videos all day and night…the problem is that most of their current shows attract the 13-18 year old crowd…i’m sure mtv is having a field day with advertisers as this is a huge group with disposable income…but at the same time it corners them on the type of music they can play…just as eminem wouldn’t play well sandwiched between a bunch of where are they nows on vh1, edgy videos just wouldn’t play well with mtv’s core audience…is this over simplistic…sure…do mtv’s choices also have a lot to do with pressure from major labels…sure…i guess it would be sort of interesting to really try to get to the bottom of the question which came first…record labels pushing bubble gum pop on mtv or mtv intentionally pushing the age of its viewers lower for advertisers…or was it a concerted effort by both…so sorry if that had nothing to do with thursday or anything…

  • http://www.filteringcraig.com FilteringCraig

    It’s really comical though because you have bitches and hoes and gin and chronic over in hip hop videos, but a band tries to be (overly) serious with their political message and MTV gets queasy. Shouldn’t a slightly disturbing serious video be more valuable than a disturbing video celebrating booze, ho’s and the largest car rims that money can buy? You are 100% right about MTV not having to play videos. They have found with TRL that they can be popular by playing 30 seconds of each song. Seems ludicrous to me, but then again, I am no longer in their demographic as you said.

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