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The Postal Service

Anyone who has talked to me in the past year knows that I have been more than mildly fascinated by Death Cab for Cutie. For those of you who don’t know, this is an indie rock band from Seattle and they are kind of the darlings of the scene. Soon enough, I am sure it will not be cool to be one of their fans because that is how the whole system works. But I love this band. I think the music is great, it has dynamic and the lyrics by Ben Gibbard are some of the best. He is an amazing lyricist because he almost always writes in complete sentences, and somehow still manages to leave a lot to the imagination.

Death Cab for Cutie does not have a new album out right now, but the band’s front man Ben Gibbard has been working on an album with an electronic musician. The band is called The Postal Service because they wrote their EP and full length CD’s by trading tapes and recording back and forth through the mail. This is so cool.

(Now with ProTools (recording software for computers) and things like that, I should be able to collaborate with any number of musicians on the internet. So, I am looking for someone to do this with. If anyone out there has ProTools and wants to play with this I am all for it) But back to The Postal Service.

I have never been a fan of electronic music of any kind, and I certainly hated synthesizers of the mid to late 80’s. Used in this setting with an honest, clean voice and typical Gibbard lyrics, I am viewing electronic music in a whole new way. The songs are beautiful intricate and very melodic. Check it out. Download some tracks, buy the EP, but make sure you get to hear this music.

  • MoMove

    The Postal Service are an amazing collaboration. Electronic music can be extremely inventive. If you enjoyed this album check out The Sea & Cake, Tortoise, and Clinic. Continue to expand your musical horizons!

  • yeah


  • Not Sure

    the best!!!

  • leilani

    wowsa. i looove both death cab and the postal service. mwa.

  • walker

    i would be willing to try some online collab works. i do some synth work as well as acoustic work w/ lyrics etc… i have limited time but if it becomes interesting I could devote more. post some of your work online and send me a link, when I get your email I will send you a link to some of my previous works. Lyrics on these recordings are clear but I can provide seperate if you would like.
    atl, ga

  • carol pappas

    3 weeks ago, i taped [my luck] a song, called “such great heights” i loved the song, and have gone on to listen to other p.s. songs, which i love.. great work. guys.. keep up the good work. i will keep an eye out for your music in the shops.. thanks carol.x [australia]

  • neil

    what is the web site for this band i cant find it anywhere where would i find some of your work to buy cos i have only heard bits and pieces cheers

  • symbol

    SOMEONE plz plz e-mail me the name of the woman singer in “nothing better”

  • Tom Russo

    Love it!!!! Never heard Death Cab nor Postal Service… hooked now… still has that Flock Of Seagulls and old Depeche Mode we all grew up with… BUT MUCH BETTER!!! Thanks guys, will be purchasing many pieces of your work…

    Take care…

  • Kim

    can you find me postal service lyrics anywhere? email me, thanks!!

  • Adam

    I first heard about The Postal Service listened to the CBC one night. They were doing a profile of Jimmy Tamborello (the guy who programmed all the songs) and his solo project DNTEL. They got around to playing some Postal Service later in the set and I was hooked.

  • Aquinas

    The woman who sings in “Nothing Better” is Jenny Lewis, from another great indy band, Rilo Kiley.

  • kyle

    woa. im only 13 and my mother introduced me to the bad. im hooked!!!!! i cant stop listening to the music!!! my fav song is called sleeping in. e-mail me for more info


  • Kayla

    i would do anything to boink ben gibbard just once… ahhh im drooling listening to pictures in an exhibition.. what a fiiiine peice of ace.

  • isabel

    the postal service rocks. i love them so much the first song i heard from them was “sleeping in” ever sence them ive been totally hooked. i really love there songs “nothing better” and “the district sleeps alone”. the postal service is awseome.

  • wes

    I am interesting in doing a project over the internet. I have a band of my own which I can never pour enough effort into, so it seeps out into my other unused ideas. if you would like to(or know anyone who would) try/do some vocals and drum tracks, I can take care of almost everything else.

  • kdtb

    i cant seem to find postal services’s site…

  • Robyn

    I want to find some sites and pictures of the band… the way are they touring soon

  • Ben

    I got hooked the minute my neighbor introduced me to this band. I love his other band, and the girl singers band too. ;]

  • Amy

    i just got introduced to the postal service and im hooked, i love the sound its so different than most of the music i listen to , such as ben folds,dashboard confessional, afi and many more but its amazing and i hope to explore other bands that sounds similar

  • FilteringCraig

    If you want to try out some similar bands, I would check out Mineral, The Gloria Record, Burn Disco Burn, Minus the Bear, Death Cab for Cutie (the lead singer’s non-side project), and the Dismemberment Plan. None of them sound exactly like anyone, but I think if you like one you will like them all.

  • roberto

    I’m from Mexico.
    Here, nobody Know’s about postal service ….

    I’m glad becuase I had the opportunity to listen this excellent band.
    They really have an artistic purpose….

    They have this 80’s sound, with all the electric drums…
    But in the other hand the lyrics are so deeply..

    I really admire them…

    between Flaming lips and wilco they are one of my favorite bands….

  • lukas

    definitely a good band… had heard their “such great heights” on the radio a few times before i decided to d/l a few more songs… it’s all pretty good….

  • Sabrina


  • Janie

    i’m obsessed with the postal service. makes me happy cause it reminds of this neat guy that informed me of them =)

  • eric nixon

    The Postal Service is the most enlighting, moving, facinating band i have ever heard in my life. Ben Gibbard is a god. The postal Service has changed my life. I love the postal service DAMN IT IS SOOOOO F**KING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i listen to it every day, every since i got it and it just keeps getting better. Anyone that reads this and loves them, please spread the postal service music to other people, Then they could be able to go on tour and continue with thier albums.
    ben i am one of your greatest fans and i just want u know U ARE THe GREATEST PRODOGY!!!!!! FEEL MY LOVE MAN!!!!!! recycled air!!!!!!

  • Rian

    Postal Service is definitly one of the siqest bands out there. Ben is pretty talented, but i must giv it up to the DJ too. Dope ass beats! Keep doin tha damn thing.

  • l e i l a n i.

    i cant even begin to describe how much the postal service and death cab mean to me. they are amazing. and thats all i know to say. they make me happy. and that means a lot.

  • kennnn<3

    im thinking its a sign that the freckles in our eyes our mirror images and when we kiss their perfectly alligned…

  • anthony a

    I heard these artists for the first time about 2 weeks ago … perfect!! we need more music like this in todays crazy world. It makes me feel good and also wanting to dance! its different..pure.. magical.. genius! I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR MANY, MANY MORE RECORDS IN THE NEAR FUTURE. the 5 songs that stick in my head are ,…we will become silhouettes , clark gable, such great heights, the district sleeps alone tonight, and sleeping in.. one song that could have been worked on a little more is “nothing better” the nintendo sound was way to loud for that song, to the point that it over powered it… only complaint i have. i let all my friends hear “give up” they all loved it and all now own it! postal service “give up” is in my top 5 best albums of all time !!… unbeliveably moving … I LOVE IT! Thanx postal service for delivering this great message to me .. and please send more this way, (plus b-sides:)

  • rachel

    i love the postal service and rilo kiley. they are so great at making music that it is truly amazing. i keep burning there music but i need to truly get around to buying there cd one day. thank you for such awesome music!

  • tessa

    Can anyone give me a site that leads me to some more information about The Postal Service? Thx, cheers and rock on

  • le

    i love the postal service.. i heard them on a cd in my brothers car one day and i fell in love with them.. does any one kno when there playin or any other information about them ect.. sites?

  • aL*sa

    i was just introduced to the postal service by my AWESOME friend chance…and i love it soooo much..i have never been interested in music like this, but i like this alot. Its cool.=]

  • FilteringCraig

    Thanks to everyone who has gotten to my site via this article I wrote. Make sure you check out the rest of the site as I write about a variety of topics that you might enjoy. Again it’s nice to know that I am joined with so many people over love of a great band.

  • Earratay

    I was working and listening to the radio when i heard this great band. oh my god i had to find out who is was, and after days of searching i finally found the band and this website; so cool !! and great band!!!

  • Tatum

    I am OBSESSED with The Postal Service/Ben Gibbard I listen religiously Ben you are absolutely gorgeous/a genius.

  • hannah

    The Postal Service and Rilo Kiley are awesome bands! I’m so addicted to both bands and listen to them everyday! The Postal Service had a video on MTV, but I liked Rilo Kiley for a while. They’re such great bands!

  • steve

    P E R F E C T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay

    postal service is the BEST band in the world. if anyone has information(websites) please email me

  • g

    Death Cab For Cutie is From Bellingham WA, not Seattle.

  • JOS!!


  • lori

    hey, i was wondering, if you could give me some info on Gibbard, for this project, im having trouble finding information. thanks

    later gator

  • lori

    hey, i was wondering, if you could give me some info on Gibbard, for this project, im having trouble finding information. thanks

    later gator

  • little o

    Hey evryone, thanx for letting me onto such a great band.
    i have been a huge fan of Death Cab sence they played down in my town of melbourne Australia, sence then i’ve not been able to really think of any other band, i have then moved onto All Time Quaterback, and now because of this site and everyone’s fantastic comments i too am in love with The Postal Service,
    i have even talked my band into changing our style of music, for nothing sound as true as the sounds of Gibbard.

  • Katie

    I live in Seattle, and have been subjected to the greatness of DCFC first hand. I think we have tons of great stuff coming out of Seattle right now, and my favorites are Death Cab and The Postal Service (not to mention Modest Mouse). I’ve never like electronic music but when I heard ‘Nothing Better’ I completely changed my mind. I’m so glad that they’re getting some recognition outside of their local haunts.

  • Kayla

    The Postal Service and Death Cab are 2 of my favorites! Ben is so amazing!!! I love everything he does. But, I have been getting sort of upset over how they are playing Death Cab and Postal Service on KROQ (a Los Angeles rock music station), I hope they don’t go mainstream ya know. They have done so much for me, music wise, and just for my life. They’ve changed me, and how I see things now. I have become friends with the most amazing people because of DC and PS, and shared their music with my long time friends. And we have all become closer, and better because of them..sounds cheesy but I hope someone out there sort of knows what I’m talking about. And also, do you think Postal Service will have a tour? Probably not, huh? And I know that Death Cabs going on Tour w/ Blink 182 in England I beleive. DO you know if they are planning anywhere else?

  • Lety

    This band is the greatest band I have heard for years, it makes my unhappiest moments the happiest. Postal service is my prozac.

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